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TTESTt al Q ✓ t-. <br />C. Mayor <br />23 <br />RE OLUTION No. °� �°Z <br />1 <br />port Beach and the City Clerk furnish a duly <br />executed copy thereof <br />24 <br />2 <br />VMFAS, pursuant to Notice Inviting .Bids for the construe <br />• <br />3 <br />ion of a Fire Station at 475 -32nd street in the City of Newport <br />4 <br />Beach, heretofore duly given, sealed proposals and bids thereof <br />5 <br />were Ol.y received and? at the tiIme and place set for said purpose,I <br />6 <br />duly opened and it arpearing that the lm-test regular and responsibli <br />7 <br />bidder is Don Fletcher; avid <br />$ <br />.1FA5 there has been duly presented to the Cit y Council <br />passed and adopted by the City Council :f the <br />9 <br />of-the City of Newport Beach a cert!An agreement dated the <br />27 <br />10 <br />day, of 195 , by and between said Don Fletcher <br />11 <br />and the City of Newport Beach, providing for said construction. <br />day of December, 19529 <br />12 <br />N0!z.j THMrVOR$, BL TT PrSgT,VrD, that said bid of said ron <br />by the following vote, to w1tt <br />13 <br />Fletcher for said construction of a .Fire Station at 475 -32nd Street <br />29 <br />14 <br />in the City of Neer,ort Beach for the V tal sum of $29,426.00 be, <br />15 <br />.G1'L•'.S, COU2CZLgiM_ SHif�h Finch. ,Isbell, <br />,Bennet#c,, kji <br />and the same is hereby accepted; and <br />16 <br />BE IT rURTIOR F ZS0!,VED that said contract for said construe' <br />17 <br />ion in accordance with the plans one specifications on file with thi <br />la <br />City Clerk of said City at said price of $29 *426.00 be, and the Sam, <br />19 <br />ABS"HT CDUT ',C1L1,!rNa None <br />is hereby awarded to said Don F?e tcher; and <br />32 <br />20 . <br />BE IT FMTHrR RMOLVED that the Mayor and City Clerk be, <br />21 <br />and they are hereby authorl -zd and instructed to execute said <br />22 <br />agreement in the name of and for and on behalf of the City of New- <br />TTESTt al Q ✓ t-. <br />C. Mayor <br />23 <br />port Beach and the City Clerk furnish a duly <br />executed copy thereof <br />24 <br />to said Don Fletcher. <br />25 <br />The above and foregoing Resolut on was <br />duly and regularly <br />26 <br />passed and adopted by the City Council :f the <br />City of Nsir.ort ? Beach <br />27 <br />at a regular meeting thereof held on the 22nd <br />day of December, 19529 <br />28 <br />by the following vote, to w1tt <br />29 <br />le <br />.G1'L•'.S, COU2CZLgiM_ SHif�h Finch. ,Isbell, <br />,Bennet#c,, kji <br />30 <br />NOES, C07XTLYIEN: None <br />31 <br />ABS"HT CDUT ',C1L1,!rNa None <br />32 <br />TTESTt al Q ✓ t-. <br />C. Mayor <br />