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1 <br />2 <br />4 <br />5 <br />6 <br />7 <br />8 <br />9 <br />10 <br />11 <br />12 <br />13 <br />i <br />RF,SOLU';IGT2 "'0, �� <br />A RFSOLUTIC *! CF THE 'ITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF rFvPORT 70:..1 ^,!i T)r.Q1j:RITiG ITS INTRKTION TO <br />r ALI � Si'ECIAL .1WPT0T7, TN (IMULITI INHABITED <br />TFRBITORY C0t1T1!2J0T13 TO .:dI CITY PROPOSE: <br />"^ ":E XPUT11'F:i ^?TIP? T0, '("Ti °.'M,'. PUFPOSE OF <br />r; ..3MI'TTY11ra Tn P'TE .r,::lT °T'?'.' ILFCTCRS RF.STDING <br />I, SAT^ ' knRITOPY ThE 'jJRSTION OR NOT <br />P :1I1i T= :RT,?TORY :: ?; ^.LT. T; a?J?�vFF.,D TO THE CITY (F <br />? TIi:E "ii LArr n?1EN <br />!JAT; W'T,'.RT? AN-':' i I:> .r: *! r,SJrrTTIC_ REAL T'PO IT.TY '; ITFT- <br />P; SUCH TFFRTT'.)P. ,,A1' AFFii:.R BFFI)PE SAID CITY <br />e.OT.TN.CTi; ^'?r•W C;r,ct: VTY SUCH TERRIT�IRY STIMM'D <br />ITJT BE 30 -AP:NUM. <br />�Z,/ <br />. <br />i <br />i <br />�1 <br />I <br />I <br />BE IT °FSOLVFD b.- the City Council of t?ne City o' K ?`: o t <br />Th•,t it, IS the intertirn of the (1it "r,!V'I'. <br />of the City of Ne,.port Beach to call a special election to,bc held <br />on the 31 ±— day of J„ 1 .1951*1 in certain inhabited <br />territory contigjous to said-city, proposed to be annexed thereto, <br />14 <br />for ':!lc purpose of submitting to the qualified electors resi:ti:g <br />15 <br />4n .aid territory the question whether or not said territory shall. <br />16 <br />!.� qMexed, to the City of Netirport Beaab and the property In the <br />17 <br />territory subjected t^ taxation after annexation equally with <br />18 <br />rr�;.Prty within the City of Ttewport Beach to pay the bonded 'in-_ <br />19 <br />�Pb- edness of the City .Df Newpnrt: Beach outstanding or anthorited <br />20 <br />-it the date of the filing of the petition for annexation for the <br />21 <br />22 <br />mtr,niisitior, c,�n?truct!_ -n nr crmplet.ion'of municipal inpro-renan *so <br />23 <br />Said territor; I de-Crt }:Pd as fnllows: <br />All that oertnin land situated in the Costa Mesa <br />24 <br />S,znitary ^i strict. , Ne.rrort Heights Irriggation <br />District Crmnty of CrAnge, :hate of California, <br />25 <br />desc.rlbe� <br />26 <br />j Fieoinning •.t thf,. intersection -�f the Sovth- <br />27` <br />wo� r °o..on ation of the Southeasterly line <br />I1 of Irvine Avenue, 6on C feet wide, and the Sontheast- <br />28 <br />erly prolongation of the center line of Fifteenth <br />treet, as ° %:,ti:T iipm n OAp of Neva -ort Heights) <br />29 <br />recorded in Do,* .4� paga 331 of Miscellane p Ka ,s <br />records or Crznge -.aunty California; thence North- <br />Easterly the e,ithwesterly <br />` 30 <br />along' prolongation <br />of tbP SoutherAstN-:y line of said Irvine Avenue and <br />31 <br />nlon.g said Southosstorly lino of.snid Irvine Avenue <br />and its Northsaste ly prolon 'getinh to its inter - <br />32 <br />section wit' tbP 4; +:erly prolongation of t e <br />ORIGINAL D.00OM00 . <br />NOT 4EGIBLE <br />