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USOLUTION No. tic is- <br />2 �' ►tii HUS. there has been presented to the City at ft"art 9ea4h m. <br />oontraot dated January 5, 195$. by and between the City of New. <br />4 ;:,rt 7jeAzh snA .9tatkdard 011 Oompasgr of California, wherein AM <br />5 aharcby the City agrees to sell to' the Standard Oil Oompany the <br />8 I oil prodneed from eartmin lanAs vhloh are the subject of tie D. <br />7 a'. t.111ott Contract 71th the City of Nownert Beach unlsr 4ato of <br />8 it Noromber 1. 1943, unter th4 terms and conditions aM for the <br />9 i1 price more particularly oe =t out in said Contract of January 6. <br />10 I 1954; and <br />11 RHERILAS, there h&m nloo been preeented to the City of <br />12 I Hatport Beach a certain Notice of Contract, whioth is proposed to <br />13 I be recordeds theoffeot of which is to give notice to all persona <br />14 that said Contrast of January 60 1954 has been entered into; and <br />15 I OHYPrA8g it appears to be for the,,best interests of Wie. <br />is citizens of the City of Newport Beach that said Contract of Jan - <br />17 nary 60 1954 and the aecempanying Hotloe theroot by executed in, <br />18 behalf Of the City of Newport Roush; <br />19 NOSg THFAiPWIr, AF: IT RESOLVED, that the Mayor and City <br />20 Cler't b** and they are hereby authorized and direoted to execute <br />21 said eontraet of January 6, 19540 together with the •otioo of Con. <br />22 tswot of January 6. 19541 in behalf or the City or tewport wash <br />23 awd to tranellt an executed copy or ooples of each dooament to <br />24 tbe other party thereto. <br />25 fto abe" and foregoing Reselulion was duly m A rogul•- <br />28 arty passed and adopted by the City Counaii of the Oily of tewpor <br />27 toad►,, nt a reVMlar nesting therotte held on the tth day of hb- <br />?; Z is b Me following votes to flit ' <br />29 90=11ims <br />31 I =at WVWTlitti Ma! 000110I1mms v <br />32 <br />j� <br />1 <br />