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I <br />1 REDWTION No. 4013 <br />2 A RESOLUTION SUBMITTING TO-THE VOTERS OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT SEAC <br />AT THE GF.NEmL MUNICIPAL ELECTION TO BE HELD APRIL 139 1 54, THE <br />3 QUESTION OF PROVIDING FOR THE LEVY AND COLLECTION, AS P Or THE <br />MEN GENERAL TAX PATE, A TAX FOR THE PURPOSE OF PAYING TH8 COST OF <br />4 COLLECTING GARBAGE AND TRASH, AND REPEALING SECTION 5212.1 OF THE <br />MUNICIPAL CODE WHICH PROVIDES FOR A CHARGE THAI REFOR TO THE PERSON <br />5 FROM WHOM GARBAGE AND TRASH IS COLLECTED. <br />7 WHEREAS, the existing section 5212.1 of the MWnieipal <br />8 Code of the City of Newport Beach provides that a charge, in an <br />9 amount to be fixed by resolution of the City Council, shall be <br />10 made to any person from whom garbage, refuse or cuttings are col - <br />11 leoted; and <br />12 <br />WHEREAS, when certain charges were fixed by the City <br />13 <br />Council under said Section 5212.1, certain residents of the City <br />14 <br />expressed themselves as being against the imposition and oollec- <br />15 <br />tion of such a charge from the users of the garbage and trash <br />16 <br />collection service, and further expressed themselves as being in <br />17 <br />favor of including in the general tax rate a sufficient additional <br />18 <br />levy to pay the cost of such garbage and trash collection; and <br />19 <br />WHEREAS, it appears to the City Council of the City of <br />20 <br />Newport beach that the entire question of whether the cost of gar - <br />21 <br />bage and trash collection in the City of Newport Reach shall be <br />22 <br />paid by the persons using the same or by an additional levy to be <br />23 <br />included in the general tax rate, should be decided by the quali- <br />24 <br />fied electors of the said City; <br />25 <br />NOW9 THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS FOLLOWS: <br />26 <br />SECTION l: That at the general municipal election, to <br />27 <br />be held in the City of Newport Beach on the 13th day of April, <br />28 <br />195+, there shall be submitted to the qualified electors of said <br />AM <br />29 <br />City the proposition of repealing Section 5212.1 of the municipal <br />30 <br />code, and of directing the City Council of the City of Newport <br />31 <br />'each to include in the ordinance which establishes an3 sets up <br />32 <br />the annual general tax rate, a levy, in addition to that othervisi <br />l <br />I <br />