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RESOLUTION No. )12 1S <br />1 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ROPOAT D ACH, <br />• <br />SUBMITTING TO THF. VOTXRS OF TW.' CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH AT THE <br />2 <br />GENERAL ELECTION TO 11) 3 HSL,D A M 13, 1954, THE QUFSTION OF AD- <br />DING SECTION 9124.1 TO THK )JUVICIPAL CODE, REGULATI;'.G THu EXPAN- <br />- 3 <br />SION OF OIL DRILLING ACTIVIST WITHIN THE CITY AND }BAKING SUCH <br />EXPANSION SUBJECT TO THE AP2ROVAL OF THE MAJORITY OF THE VOTUS. <br />4 <br />�I <br />5 <br />VI1rf1EAS, the question of the future status of oil dril <br />6 <br />ing within or under the Oy of Newport Beach is of such impor- <br />7 <br />tanee that any question thereon should receive the careful can- <br />s <br />sideration and approval or disapproval of the citizens of the <br />9 <br />City of Newport Beach; <br />10 <br />NOW, THETIFFORE, BE IT RESZVED AS FOLLOWS: <br />11 <br />SECTION 1: That at the general municipal election, to <br />12 <br />be held on the 13th day of April, 19541 there shall be submitted <br />13 <br />to the qualified electors of said City of Newport Beach the pro - <br />14 <br />position of adding Section 9124.1 to the Municipal Code of the <br />15 <br />City of Newport Heaeh, so as to provide that any expansion of <br />16 <br />oil drilling within or under the City of Newport Beach shall be <br />17 <br />subject to the approval or disapproval of the voters at an else - <br />18 <br />tion. <br />19 <br />SECTION 2: That sai+? proposition shall be submitted to <br />20 <br />the qualified electors of said City at said election by a proposi- <br />21 <br />tion to be worded as follows: <br />22 <br />"PROPOSITION No. 4 <br />23 <br />Shall Section 9124.1 be added to the Municipal Code, pro - <br />24 <br />viding for the submission to the approval of the majority <br />25 <br />of voters at an election, any Question of the expansion of <br />26 <br />or change in the oil drilling area within or under the City <br />27 <br />of Newport Beach, specifically excluding any oil drilling <br />28 <br />operations or agreements in effect at the time of the pas - <br />29 <br />sage of this ordinance, be adoptedl" <br />30 <br />SECTION 3: If a majority of the electors voting at sue] <br />31 <br />election shall vote In favor of the foregoing proposition, then <br />32 <br />said ordinance shall be passed as provided for by said propositloi <br />1 <br />