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L v <br />RESOLUTION NO. 0 ?33 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />BEACH ADOPTING A MAP SHOWING A PORTION OF A CERTAIN <br />STREET KNOWN AS MARINE AVENUE WHICH IS PROPOSED TO <br />BE VACATED AND ABANDONED FOR RE- ALIGNMENT OF SAID <br />MARINE AVENUE. <br />WHEREAS, the City Engineer of the City of Newport Beach has <br />presented to the City Council of Newport Beach a certain map entitled: <br />"Map Showing Portion of Marine Avenue To Be Abandoned For Re- Alignment <br />of Said Marine Ave Date Dec. 31, 1957 Drawing No. L 2581 ", showing <br />a portion of said Marine Avenue in the City of Newport Beach which <br />the City is considering vacating and abandoning and which portion is <br />more particularly described as follows: <br />"Beginning at the intersection of the center line of Marine <br />Avenue as said Marine Avenue is described in a deed recorded <br />in Book 830, Page 217, et. seq., Official Records of Orange <br />County, California, with the center line of the right -of -way <br />of Coast Highway 100.00 feet in width; thence, south <br />78° 31' 00" east, a distance of 27.07 feet; thence south <br />11° 29' 00" west, a distance of 50.00 feet,to a point <br />on a line parallel with and 50.00 feet southwesterly, as <br />measured at right angles, from the center line of the <br />right -of -way of said Coast Highway, said point to be <br />known as Point A; thence; continuing south 11 29' 00" <br />west, a distance of 20.00 feet, to the true point of <br />beginning of this description; thence, northwesterly to <br />a point on first mentioned parallel line 20.00 feet north- <br />westerly from said Point A; thence, northwesterly along <br />said first mentioned parallel line to the westerly right - <br />of -way line of said Marine Avenue, said westerly right -of- <br />way line being the northwesterly terminus of a tangent <br />curve, concave southwesterly, having a radius of 20.00 <br />feet; thence southeasterly along said westerly right -of -way <br />l56e and along said curve through a central angle of <br />75 36' 00 ", an arc distance of 26.39 feet; thence, <br />south 2° 55' east, along said westerly right -of -way line <br />a distance of 263.63 feet to the beginning of a tangent <br />curve, concave easterly, having a radius of 440.00 feet; <br />a radial line at said point bears north 870 05' 00" east; <br />thence northeasterly along said curve through a central <br />angle of 140 24' to a tanggent line; thence north 110 29' 00" <br />east, a distance of 141.03 feet, to the point of beginning." <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that said map be and is hereby <br />approved and adopted, and the City Clerk is ordered and directed to <br />file the same in the proceedings for the abandonment of said portion <br />of said street: <br />1 <br />