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WWC- <br />2 %7i (lo) <br />1 RESOMION NO- UAL. <br />2 A RESOLUTION OF VM CITY CMCIL OF TIM CM <br />OF RMPORT BEACH ORDERING THE VACATIONm CLO31WO <br />3 I UP AND ABANJ3t3Mi I OF A. CMITTAIN POTION 0 <br />PAR= Avri7CJE. <br />4 <br />5 wmmso the city Council of the city or Newport Beach <br />6 did, on the 13th day of January, 1958, pass Its oertsaaian Resolution <br />7 of Intention No. 4734, declaring its Intention to order the <br />8 vacation, cloa3um up and abaandoment of a portion of a certain <br />9 1 street known as seaarine Avenue at the intersection of Pacific Cast <br />10 Hier In the City of Newport Beach, hereinafter mom partieula3rlyl <br />11 described, purouaant to and in accordance with than "Street Vacation <br />12 Act of 1841 ", and all amendments thereto, being Sections 8300 to <br />13 8331, inclusive, of the Streets and Highways Coact Of the State of <br />14 California; and <br />15 WF FAZA3g than Street Superintendent OP the City of Newport l <br />i <br />16 Reach Naas caused to be posted conspicuously along the lime of the <br />17 portion of said street proposed to be vacated, not more than 340 <br />18 feet apart, and not leas then three in all, notices Of the vaaestloa <br />19 of said motion of said street, all of which will more fully appear <br />20 frols the affidavit Of L. Street Superintendent V ocovervo <br />21 of the City of Newport Beaach$ an file in these proceedingal and <br />22 WHMI A;3, said notices so posted by the Street Superin- <br />23 tendennt of the City of Newport Beach stated the passage of said <br />24 Resolution of Intention No. 4734 asforemaid, and the time and place <br />25 of the hearing Of all persons Interested in or Objecting to than <br />26 proposed vacation of eald portion of said st»t$ and <br />27 tJ 3, the City Counoil of ttao City of Newport Beach <br />28 slid set Monday. fttvu 10, 1958s, at 700 P. no of said day as <br />29 the tiros and the Council Chambero of the City Comncil of the Citty <br />30 of Newport Beach, located in the City stall of than City of Newport <br />31 Reacht as the plaeease, for the hearing of all persons interested in <br />32 or objecting to the proposed vacation of said portion of said stree <br />and <br />1. <br />