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WWC: as .5 <br />5 (12) <br />1 RESOLUTION No. 01 <br />2 A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF TIM CM <br />OF MIPORT BEACH ADOPTIR"O A 1,7AP SHO*JXNG A <br />3 PORTION GP A CERTAIN STREET 101aM AS BAYSIDE <br />4 DRIVE WHICH IS PROPOSED TO BE VACATEDr MO= <br />UP AND ADAN3 <br />5 <br />6 ( WHMMSs the City Engineer of the City of Newport Beach <br />7I has presented to the City Council of the City of Newport Beach a <br />8 certain :cap entitled "Zap Showing Portion of Bayside Drive to be <br />9 ii Abandon ". DravIne ho. L-2631, dated s ay 12, 19580 sb xlg a <br />10 'I portion of said Beyside Drive in the City of Newt Beach which <br />11I this City is considering vacating, closing up and abandoning and <br />12; which portion is more particularly described as follotm: <br />13 A strip of land fifty (50) feet in width and being <br />14 twenty -Five (25) feet on each aide of the following <br />described center line: <br />15 Commencing at the point of Intersection of the center <br />ism or that certain 16 Drive as described inh 2 i2 n�Deed to �cf <br />17 Orange recorded In Book 830, Pam 217, Official Records of <br />Orange County, California, with the center line of Coast <br />18 Highway (U.S. 301 Alt.), said point of intearseeetion being <br />In a curves, concavo Southerly, and having a radius of <br />19 2000.00 feet, and running thence M. 80 55' 14" E., along <br />a line radial to said curve, 85.00 feet to the true point <br />20 of beginning of the line herein to be described, and renl- <br />ning thence from said truce point of beginning, Easterly, par - <br />21 allol with the center line of said Coast HiStweW and along a <br />curve, concave Southerly, and having a radius of 2085.0 <br />22 feet, through a central angle of 160 280 43", 5".67 feet <br />to a point of reverse curvature and the -be of a <br />23 curve, concaves Northerly, tlrid hesvSrs€; a radius <br />feet; thence, Easterly, alor�a €laid curve, through a cen- <br />24 tral angle of 6 0 35' 29", 21P.55 feet to a line tangent, <br />thence N. 450 4 e 26" T., talons said tangent line, 235.09 <br />251 feat to a point in the line joining :stations 16B and 17 <br />described in Decree in Superior Court Cease No. 20436, <br />26 orange County, California, said point being distant S. 230 <br />251 too" T., assured along said line described in said <br />27 Decree, 332.13 feast from said Station 16B. <br />28 The side lines of the above described strip at the <br />Easterly bnd of said strip shall be lengthened or shortened <br />29 as required to terrrllnate In the above mentioned Decree <br />lire. <br />30 <br />31 Ming therefrom the following deesoribesd pareel.s: <br />Theca portions of Bayelde Drive as recorded in Book <br />32 2092, page 541, Official Records, Orange County, California, <br />whiesh lie within the above described parcel. <br />1. <br />