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(6) <br />ill RESOLUTION NO. 4803 <br />2 A RESOLUTION OF THE crff cOUNCII, OF THE CITY Off' <br />NEWPORT BEACH APPROVING FLOOD CONTROL PLANS AND <br />3 SPECIFICATIONS CONDITIONED UPON THE EXECUTION <br />4 A HOLD HARM= S AGREEMENT <br />6I WHEREAS, Orange County Flood Control District has pre - <br />6 pared plans and specifications for the construction of flood <br />7I, control facilities partly within the City of Newport Beach and <br />8 submitted the same to the City Council for approvals and <br />9j WHEREAS, the City Engineer has not had full opportunity <br />10 to analyse the plans; and <br />11 WHEREAS# the approval, location and construction of the <br />12 proposed flood control facilities may result in future claims <br />13 against the City; and <br />14 WHEREAS, it would be appropriate for the Flood Control <br />15 District to hold the pity harmless from all claims, demands, <br />16 actions or <br />Ott d <br />gment9as a result of the proposed facilities being <br />17 built; <br />18 NOW, BEFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of <br />19 the City of Newport Beach does hereby approve said plans and <br />20 specifications as submitted on condition that the <br />Orange County <br />21 Flood Control District execute a hold harmless agreement agreeing <br />22 to hold the City harmless from <br />any such claims or demands, to <br />23 appear and defend the City in any action arising therefrom, and to <br />24 pay any Judgment obtained against the City of Newport Beach as a <br />25 result thereof. <br />26 This Resolution was adopted by the City Council of the <br />27 I City of Newport Beach at a regular meeting on the 12th day of May, <br />28 1958s by the following vote, to wit: <br />29 AYES, COUNCI1JA1EN: <br />30 <br />KingaXa Atkinson- .Highia. Stoddard <br />31 NOES, COUNCILMENs <br />32 ATTEST: ABSENT COUNCILMEN: Novo <br />MARGERY SGHROUDER <br />CIVY BrK JAMES B. STODOAW <br />or <br />