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'1i3} <br />(12) <br />1 F=WM1CV go, Al-It <br />r4WPORT BEACH AUTHORIZING T`RU aE�..:�.MIM (W A <br />3 ORA&T QP EASiMEW T6 THE 1741-40P0ZI' 103 WATZR <br />DISV ZCT OF SWTHtr CALIFC'n411A Mrh A T'ONTION <br />4 OP RIG CAl33 M9 3 r;M01R SITE, FOR THE CONSTRUCTION <br />OF A 3"ERVICi Ci0M'8$`OTION <br />5 <br />WMrA8# The Metropolitan Uater District of Southern <br />California 1W J4030lUtiOA No. 5050,0 Coastal t4unicipal Water District <br />by Resolution No. 50, and the City Of Newport Beach by Resolution <br />• have ,. agreed upon the construction <br />• <br />by said Metropolitan Water District p. serve s <.. j Cary on nesemir <br />WHERM, The Vatrapaitan Water District or Scuthern <br />California has requested R. ♦ grant '.\ ! .: A n ;a il':. b over portion V s I • the <br />reservoir site for the construction =4 maintenance at the service <br />connection and :x.4.9 '. „_n L•::. si <br />NOW$ VW-JW0arN2 PS IT = OLVED that the Mayar and City <br />Clerk be authorized and directed to execute on behalf of the City <br />of Newport Beach d grant of easement favor of The Metropolitan <br />Water District or Southern California over a parcel of land ocn- <br />Reservoir Site :f more particularly dea .y ' 'a as follow: <br />of "rtain portion, <br />d"WIW# of Blocks 92v 93s 96o and 97 of the 1rv1ns#8 <br />SubdIv1sion'r <br />map recorded B•'! 4'J w Y State . <br />as shown an .<Macellanecus <br />mps,, in the office of the "corder of said County,, "Id <br />I <br />certain x !s ♦ of 2 s L -,Ac: 92v 93,, 96 and '” being +- e t e <br />as • Y':: i <br />26 Ccmasnoing at the inters�eyation of acid Blocks qtr 93► <br />271 96r and 97J thence N 49025131" is along the line of inter- <br />section of $aid Blocks 92 and 93 s distance of W7.21 feet <br />281 to s point In the southeasterly right of way line of an <br />easement to lite Vatropolitan hater District of Southern <br />29 California, as recorded in Book 1211# pNP 317# of Official <br />xecorde, in the office of said neeordesr, acid point being <br />30I the true, point of beglflilingl thence N 50025159" Z M.iii <br />feet along said southeasterly right of way line to an ale <br />b1 point in said oautheaastorly riGht of was jinea thence along <br />mid southeasterly right of 4 line N 90119059" E 76.12 <br />32 feets thence leaving aid rient of way line 355019'1,,12" E <br />982.66 Peet; thencts 3 6005059" L) 1037.47 Beets t.mnee <br />1. <br />