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WWC t a 1, <br />5 5 ( ) <br />1 <br />RESOLUTION NO. dui <br />2I A RESOIXTION OF THE CM CCJMIL OF THE +CNY CP <br />NEUPW.T BEACH A LHOTd1YI G T P EXEC73TION CW A <br />3 GRANT OP lEASWNT <br />4 <br />5 WIDahS., Southern California Edison CoqpaW has requested <br />6 a Grant of Raseomt over a portion of City property In order to <br />7 serve electricity to residents of ttua City; and <br />8 W=USs the easenent may be granted without Interfering; <br />9 1 with the use of City property as an alley; <br />10 NOW# THEREIPaMp W IT RESOLVED that the lWor and City <br />11 Clerk are authorized and directed to execute a Grant of Easement <br />12 conveying to the Southern California Edison Cosa wW the right to <br />13 constructs use, maintain, alter, add to, repair, replace, and <br />14 r re an electric line ocrasleting of poles,, wires, anchors, <br />15 orpsg- amts, and other fixtures for conveying electric enera over <br />16 1 the real property described as fallowat <br />17 The noaUMcsterly 6 feet of the northeasterly 15 <br />18 feet of Lot 3, Block Wo Seashore Colony Tracts <br />as per seep recorded in Book 7s page 25 of <br />19 € isoelleneous mss, recd of Orange Countys <br />2011 situated In the County of Oranges State of California. <br />21 This RO"lution was adopted by the City Council of the <br />22 City of Newport Beath at a regular meeting an the 26th day of ''s <br />23 195%, by the following votes to alts <br />24 AYES, COUNCILNUIt Hart, Lorenz, Somers, <br />25 Atkinson, Higbie, Stoddard <br />26 <br />NOES, CC>EtN6114Ht None <br />27 <br />ABSM CWMILd& Z41 Kingsley <br />28 ATT=% <br />29 NARGERY SCHROUDER <br />30 tffy- er <br />JAMES D. STODDARD <br />flr <br />32 <br />