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/ � 7 <br />I <br />(12) <br />ill zNZOLUTION HO. ,,,fit <br />2 A A2, 519.E ION 'IF ` IV- CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />'W 111—MM'M SFACIF 9 DM IWO 7'tiE VACATIONS COLORING <br />3 UP AND ADANTMM ' OP A POMION OF A CERTAXN <br />#3Titt"M iild4iaR'7 AS BAY'SIDE DRIVZ <br />4 <br />5 U74iMiL -M, the City Council of the City of Newport Beach <br />I <br />6 did, on the 12th day of May. 1958, pass its certain Resolution of <br />7 ` Intention 1ao. 4798, declaring its intention to order the vaeatlon, <br />8 olosia$ up and abandoment of a portion of to certain stmet known II <br />9 as Bayside Drive in the City of Newport Loaah, hereelnef'ter more <br />i <br />10 particularly described, pursuant to and in accordance with the <br />11 "Street Vacation Act of 1941 ", and all amendments thereto, ling <br />12 ' Smotionv 8300 to 8331, itavlumive, of the ,treats and 111ghwmys Code <br />13 of the State of Caslifor l i seed <br />14 ' HRUAS„ the Street Superintendent of to City of -Newport <br />15 Beach has caused to be posted conspicuously alon the line of the <br />16 portion of said street proposed to be vacated, not more than 300 <br />17 feet apart, and not less than three in all, notices of the voicatior <br />18 cX said portion of said strut, all of which will awe fully apps <br />19 from the affidavit eaf' L. W. Covert, Street Superintendent of the <br />20 City of Newport Beach, an file in these prameedingsi old <br />21 191a.E'f WS eaid notices so posted by the Street min- <br />22 t:endent of the City of Newport Beach stated the pas,sate of staid <br />23I Resolutions of intention Ito. 479$ aforesaids and the timm and place <br />24 of the hearing of all persons Interested in or objecting to the <br />25 propommd vacation of said portion of said street$ and <br />26 WHMWASt the City CaMolll of the City of Newport Beaune <br />27 did set <br />Honftyr June 9, 1958, at 7:30 1'. M. of asid day as the <br />28 times and the Council ChAmbere of the City Council of tine City of <br />29 <br />dlewport Beach, located in the City hall of the City of Newport Eeae <br />30 as the place, for the hearing of all persons interested in or ob,jee <br />31 <br />int; to the proposed vacations of said portion of said str"t; and <br />32 <br />t HMEASS oa4.d tieeolution. or intention no, 4798 aforesaid <br />1. <br />