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THS em <br />2/2, <br />1 67 (12) <br />RESOLUTION NO. 6498 <br />2 A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION OF A <br />3 GRANT USED <br />4 81HEREAS, the City of Newport Beach pursuant to a con- <br />5 tract dated the 10th day of March, 1965, authorized by City <br />6 Council Resolution No. 6130, agreed to convey to Anthony Pools, <br />7 Inc., a Delaware corporation, all that certain land situated in <br />8 the State of California, County of Orange, City of Newport Beach, <br />9 described as follows: <br />10 Those portions of Blocks 222 and 223 in Section A, Newport <br />11 Beach, as shown on a Map recorded in Book 4, page 21 of <br />Miscellaneous Maps, records of Orange.County, California, <br />and that portion of Lot 2 in Section 33, Township 6 South, <br />12 Range 10 West, San Bernardino Meridian, according to the <br />Official Plat of said land filed in the District Land <br />13 Office, August 44, 1890, described as follows: <br />14 Beginning at the most Westerly corner of Lot "I in said <br />15 Block 223; thence North 70° 17' 30P7 East..along the <br />Northwesterly line of said Lot 1 and the Northeasterly <br />prolongation thereof, 198.46 feet to a point on said <br />16 prolongation, distant North 70° 17' 3090 East 34.45 feet <br />from the most Northerly corner of said.Lot 1; thence <br />17 South 200 04' 2770 East 48.19 feet to a point on the <br />Northeasterly prolongation of the Northwesterly line <br />18 of Lot 1 in Tract No. 814, as shown on a Map recorded <br />19 in Book 24, pages 35 and 36 of Miscellaneous Maps, <br />records of Orange County, California, said point being <br />20 North 59° 48' 0099 East along said prolongation, 9.33 <br />feet from the most Northerly corner of said Lot 1 of <br />21 Tract No. 814; thence South 59" 48' 00" West 202.14 <br />feet to the most Westerly corner of said Lot l of <br />22 Tract No. 814; thence North 190 42' 3009 West 85.00 <br />feet to the point of beginning. <br />23 <br />SUBJECT TO all covenants, conditions, restrictions, and <br />24 <br />rights of <br />way of record or apparent; <br />25 <br />and <br />26 <br />WHEREAS, in order to carry out <br />said contract, it is <br />27 <br />necessary <br />to execute and deliver a grant <br />deed conveying said <br />28 <br />property <br />as aforesaid; <br />29 <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED <br />that the Mayor and City <br />30 <br />Clerk are <br />hereby authorized and directed <br />to execute a grant deed <br />31 <br />32 <br />