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w <br />TH <br />12 23/66 <br />(12) <br />1 <br />RESOLUTION NO. 6503 <br />2 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH ACCEPTING A GRANT_OF.EASEMENT <br />3 <br />4 <br />WHEREAS, The Irvine Company, a West Virginia torpor- <br />• 5 <br />ation, has executed and delivered to the City of Newport Beach a <br />6 <br />Grant of Easement for street and highway purposes over all that <br />7 <br />certain land situated in the City of Newport Beach, County of <br />8 <br />Orange, State of California, to wit: <br />9 <br />That portion of Lot 151, Block "5 of Irvine's Sub- <br />division as per map recorded in Book.l, page 88 of <br />10 <br />Miscellaneous Record Maps in the office of the County <br />Recorder of said County, described as follows: <br />11 <br />Commencing at the West corner of Tract No. 4444 as <br />12 <br />per map recorded in Book 156, pages 11 and 12 of <br />Miscellaneous Maps; .thence South 39° 48' 31" West <br />13 <br />10.00 feet along the Southwesterly prolongation of <br />the Northwesterly line of said tract to the TRUE POINT <br />14 <br />OF BEGINNING; thence South 50° 12' 02" East.630.00. . <br />feet along the Southwesterly line of that certain <br />15 <br />10.00 foot strip of land described in the deed to <br />the City of Newport Beach recorded in Book 6166, page <br />16 <br />303 of Official Records to the Northwesterly line of <br />that certain land shown as Parcel "1" on the map <br />17 <br />filed in Book 3, page 35 of Parcel.Maps; thence along <br />the boundary of said Parcel 941" the following courses <br />18 <br />and distances: South 39° 48' 31" West 10.00 feet; <br />South 500 12' 02" East 412.46 feet to the beginning <br />19 <br />of a curve concave Northeasterly having a radius of <br />1408.00 feet; Southeasterly 78.36 feet along said <br />20 <br />curve through an angle of 3 11' 20" to the South <br />corner of said Parcel "1 ", a radial,to said point <br />21 <br />bears South 360 36' 30 West; thence leaving said <br />boundary South 360 361,38" West 50.00 feet along the <br />22 <br />Southwesterly prolongation of said radial to a point <br />on a non - tangent curve concave Northeasterly having <br />23 <br />a radius of 1458.00 feet and being concentric with <br />said 1408.00 foot radius curve; thence Northwesterly <br />24 <br />81.15 feet along said curve through an angle of 30 <br />11' 20 "; thence North 50° 12' 02 West 1007.47 feet <br />25 <br />to the,beginning of a curve concave.Southerly having <br />a radius of 15.00 feet; thence Westerly 23.56 feet <br />26 <br />along said curve through an angle. of 89 59' 32" to <br />a.point of tangency with a line parallel with and <br />27 <br />20.00 feet Southeasterly from said Southwesterly <br />prolongation of the Northwesterly line of Tract No. <br />28 <br />4444, a radial to said point bears North 50° 11' 34" <br />West; thence North 500 11' 34" West 20.00 feet along <br />29 <br />the Northwesterly prolongation.of said radial to <br />said Southwesterly prolongation; thence North 390 <br />30 <br />48' 31" East 75.00 feet along said Southwesterly pro- <br />longation to the TRUE POINT OF BEGINNING; <br />31 <br />SUBJECT TO easements and rights of way of record or apparent; <br />32 <br />