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I <br />r ` <br />GDR: em <br />2/17A67 (12) <br />1 <br />RESOLUTION NO, 6516 <br />2 <br />A RESOLUTICN OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />derive bona direct and indirect <br />NEWPORT BEACH ENDORSING THE PROPOSED.BOND, ISSUE <br />3 <br />FOR FLOOD CONTROL AND WATER CONSERVATION PROJECTS <br />4 <br />25 <br />5 <br />WHEREAS, the Chief Engineer of the Orange County Flood <br />• 6 <br />Control District has prepared an Engineers Report for the con- <br />7 <br />6truction of numerous flood control and water conservation pro - <br />8 <br />jects throughout Orange County with an estimated cost of such <br />9 <br />projects; and <br />10 <br />AREAS, the Orange County Board of Supervisors, acting <br />11 <br />as Board of (Directors for the flood control district, has adopted <br />12 <br />said report and proposes to place the matter before the voters of <br />13 <br />this County for the issuance of flood control bonds to cover the <br />14 <br />cost of such projects; and <br />15 <br />WHEREAS, the previous flood control district bond issue <br />16 <br />authorized in June, 1956, in the amount of $42,620,000 has played <br />17 <br />a vital role in the explosive growth and expansion of Orange <br />18 <br />County; and <br />19 <br />WHEREAS, it is anticipated that the new proposed bond <br />20 <br />issue will have a similar effect in the future and will be neces- <br />2111 sary for the continued growth and development in the county; and <br />22 <br />WHEREAS, the citizens <br />of the City of Newport Beach will <br />23 <br />derive bona direct and indirect <br />benefits from the proposed flood <br />24 <br />control projects; and <br />25 <br />WHEREAS, the proposed <br />flood control bond issue above <br />26 <br />mentioned will not increase the <br />district tax rate; <br />27 <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT <br />RESOLVED that the City Council <br />28 <br />endorses said bond issue proposal and strongly recommends the <br />29 <br />support of the issue by the voters of the county. <br />30 <br />ADOPTED this 27th day <br />of r _, 1967. <br />31 <br />Mayor <br />32 <br />ATTEST: , <br />- City 010k <br />