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Q �EWPpR� <br />CITY OF <br />NEWPORT REACH <br />City Council Staff Report <br />Agenda Item No. 19 <br />May 14, 2013 <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: City Manager's Office <br />Dave Kiff, City Manager <br />949 - 644 -3001, dkiff <br />PREPARED BY: Shirley Oborrny, Executive Assistant to the City Manager <br />APPROVED: G �_A <br />TITLE: Council Policy Manual Update for 2013 <br />ABSTRACT: <br />This year, the nine policies proposed for change and two new policies are summarized <br />in Attachment A. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />1) Approve the following proposed revisions and two additions to the Council Policy <br />Manual: <br />Revisions to Policies: A -2, A -6, B -1, B -13, D-4, F -2, F -7, F -28, and L -16, <br />Addition of New Policies: A -3 and F -6; <br />2) Adopt Resolution No. 2013- 42 Adopting Revised City Council Policies; <br />3) Adopt Resolution No. 2013- 43 Revising Element 5 of the City Sustainability Plan <br />to Maintain Consistency with the changes to Council Policy F -28. <br />FUNDING REQUIREMENTS: <br />There is no fiscal impact related to this item. <br />ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW: <br />The adoption and amendment of administrative policies is not a "project" as defined by <br />the CEQA Guidelines. Section 15378 excludes continuing administrative or <br />maintenance activities such as personnel - related actions, general policy and procedure <br />making, the creation of government funding mechanisms or other government fiscal <br />