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• <br />i <br />• <br />RESOLUTION NO. '7357 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH ACCEPTING A QUITCLAIM DEED <br />FROM JAMES B. WALLACE AND MARGARET E. WALLACE <br />IN CONNECTION WITH SETTLEMENT OF SUPERIOR <br />COURT CASE NO. 152669 RE SEASHORE DRIVE <br />ENCROACHMENTS <br />WHEREAS, in connection with the terms of the settlement <br />agreement entered into between James B. Wallace and Margaret E. <br />Wallace, husband and wife, and the City of Newport Beach in <br />Superior Court Case No. 152669 there has been delivered to the <br />City of Newport Beach a certain quitclaim deed wherein the said <br />Mr. and Mrs. Wallace relinquish to the City of Newport Beach any <br />rights they may have in Seashore Drive adjacent to the north- <br />easterly line of Lot 7, Block E, Seashore Colony Tract, legally <br />described as follows: <br />and <br />A strip of land 20.00 feet in width lying adjacent <br />to the northeasterly line of Lot 7, Block E, Seashore <br />Colony Tract, as per map recorded in Book 7, page 25 <br />of Miscellaneous Maps, records of Orange County, <br />California; the southwesterly line of said strip <br />being the northeasterly line of said Lot 7. <br />EXCEPTING therefrom the southeasterly 45 feet thereof. <br />WHEREAS, it is in the best interests of the City to <br />accept said quitclaim deed; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that said quitclaim <br />deed is hereby accepted and the City Clerk is authorized and <br />directed to execute and attach thereto a certificate of acceptance <br />and consent to its recording, and to record said document in the <br />County Recorder's office. <br />ADOPTED this 11th day of January, 1971. <br />ATTEST- <br />City ity Clerk <br />8147 CLERK OF THE CITY OF NEWP BEA6k� <br />Mayor <br />THS:adw <br />1/7/71 <br />