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Appointments to EQAC and Water Quality /Coastal Tidelands Management Committee <br />January 22, 2013 <br />Page 2 <br />DISCUSSION: <br />The newly established EQAC and Water Quality /Coastal Tidelands Management <br />Committee were adopted by the City Council at the November 27, 2012 City Council <br />meeting. The purpose of Water Quality /Coastal Tidelands Management Committee is <br />to improve and preserve the Newport Beach coastline and Newport Bay as a resource <br />for recreational use and as healthy habitats. EQAC's purpose is to advise the City <br />Council on policies, programs and projects that improve or detract from the <br />environmental quality of the City, as requested by the City Council; comment on Notices <br />of Preparation, as requested by the City Council; and will meet as needed to consider <br />issues referred to them by the City Council. <br />The City Clerk published the Notice of Vacancies in the Daily Pilot on Saturday, <br />December 22, 2012; and on Monday, December 17, 2012, posted the Notice of <br />Vacancies in the City Clerk's Office and the City Hall bulletin board, and placed the <br />Notice of Vacancies on the City's webpage. The deadline to submit applications was <br />Thursday, January 9, 2013. <br />EQAC <br />EQAC will be comprised of seven members from various geographical areas of the City <br />appointed by the City Council and two non - voting Council Members appointed by the <br />Mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council. The Mayor will also appoint one of <br />the two non - voting Council Members as the Chair of the committee. The City Council <br />confirmed Mayor Curry's appointments to EQAC of Council Member Nancy Gardner <br />(Chair) and Council Member Tony Petros at the January 8, 2013 City Council meeting. <br />The seven members appointed by the City Council would serve a four -year term with a <br />limit of two consecutive terms. The two non - voting Council Members would each serve <br />a one -year term. The committee would be subject to the open meeting laws of the <br />Ralph M. Brown Act. <br />Since the appointments to EQAC are to be made in January and there were only four <br />(4) applications received by the January 9, 2013 deadline, staff is recommending that <br />the City Council waive the portion of Council Policy A -2 (Board and Commission <br />Appointments) which establishes a Council Ad Hoc Committee to review the <br />applications and make recommendations to the City Council, and the portion that <br />requires two or more applications for each vacant seat. <br />The following have submitted EQAC applications for Council consideration: <br />1. Kimberly Jameson <br />2. Mark Tabbert <br />3. Merritt VanSant <br />4. Josh Yocam <br />