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RESOLUTION NO. 8175 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH APPROVING THE PROPOSED PRIORITY <br />LIST OF PROJECTS TO BE FUNDED BY PROCEEDS FROM <br />STATEWIDE ELECTION ON $250 MILLION BOND FOR <br />PARKS AND HISTORICAL FACILITIES <br />• WHEREAS, in June, 1974 there will be a statewide <br />election on a $250 million bond for the acquisition and develop- <br />ment of parks and historical facilities; and <br />WHEREAS, $90 million will be distributed to counties <br />and cities, of which Orange County will receive $6,900,000; and <br />WHEREAS, there has been developed a priority list of <br />County -wide projects over which the County's share will be <br />distributed; and <br />WHEREAS, the Newport Beach Parks, Beaches and <br />Recreation Commission has reviewed and approved this priority <br />list of projects; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council <br />of the City of Newport Beach does hereby approve the above <br />described priority list as submitted; <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Newport Beach City <br />Council recommends that said priority list be adopted by the <br />Board of Supervisors and forwarded to the State of California <br />for inclusion in the total state list of priorities. <br />ADOPTED this 14th day of January, 1974. <br />• ATTEST: <br />� f z . <br />City Clerk <br />fHED AS T 0 INAL <br />.. ................. .... <br />CJTY CLERK OF THE CITY OF NE WORT BEACH <br />®A% JAN! 9 4 1974 <br />mh <br />1/9/74 <br />