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RESOLUTION NO. 8692 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH ADOPTING CERTAIN <br />AMENDMENTS TO THE PLANNED COMMUNITY DEVELOP- <br />MENT PLAN FOR "NORTH FORD" TO PERMIT <br />GENERAL CHANGES IN THE PLANNED COMMUNITY <br />TEXT BY ADDING ADDITIONAL USES TO AREA 4 <br />WHEREAS, Section 20.51.070 of the Newport Beach <br />Municipal Code provides that final amendments to a Planned <br />Community Development Plan must be approved by a resolution <br />of the City Council setting forth full particulars of the <br />amendment; and <br />WHEREAS, the Planning Commission conducted a public <br />hearing on January 8, 1976 at which time it considered certain <br />amendments to the Planned Community Development Plan for <br />"North Ford ". and <br />WHEREAS, at said public hearing the Planning <br />Commission adopted Resolution No. 939 recommending to the City <br />Council that certain amendments by adding additional uses to <br />Area 4, items 3 through 7 of the Planned Community Text be <br />adopted as follows: <br />"3. <br />Industries engaged in the distribution <br />and /or storage or warehousing of products <br />similar to those listed as existing <br />permitted uses in Area 4 only. <br />4. <br />General contractor and construction industries <br />relating to the building industry, such as <br />general contractors, electrical contractors, <br />plumbing contractors, etc. in Area 4 only. <br />5. <br />Service industries or those industries provid- <br />ing a service as opposed to the manufacture <br />of a specific product such as the repair <br />and maintenance of appliances or component <br />parts, tooling, printers, testing shops, small <br />machine shops engaged in the repair, mainten- <br />ance and servicing of items excluding auto- <br />mobile repair, provided that said industries <br />are not the point of customer delivery or <br />collection in Area 4 only. <br />• <br />6. <br />Industrial and business support facilities <br />to include activities limited to the sale of <br />products or services related only to the <br />industrial community. Activities of a <br />