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RESOLUTION NO. 8982 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH ENDORSING THE PRIORITY PLAN <br />• FOR EXPENDITURES FROM THE NEJEDLY -HART STATE, <br />URBAN AND COASTAL PARK BOND ACT OF 1976 FOR <br />JURISDICTIONS WITHIN THE COUNTY OF ORANGE <br />WHEREAS, the voters of the State of California on <br />November 2, 1976, approved the Nejedly -Hart State, Urban and <br />Coastal Park Bond Act of 1976 and authorized the issuance of <br />bonds in the amount of $280 million to provide funds to acquire, <br />develop and restore real property for state and local park, <br />beach, recreational and historical purposes; and <br />WHEREAS, approximately $6.9 million of these funds <br />will be available for use by Orange County and its cities and <br />districts for the acquisition and development of high priority <br />projects; and <br />WHEREAS, the above - referenced Act requires that each <br />County of the State submit a priority plan of expenditures to <br />the State Department of Parks and Recreation prior to June 30, <br />1978; and <br />WHEREAS, the plan must be approved by at least fifty <br />percent (50 %) of the cities and districts within the County <br />representing at least fifty percent (50 %) of the population of <br />the cities and districts, and by the County Board of <br />Supervisors; and <br />WHEREAS, the Orange County Division, League of <br />• California Cities, Ad Hoc Task Force for Proposition #2 met <br />January 14, 1977, and adopted the attached priority plan for <br />expenditures by unanimous vote; <br />-1- <br />