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RESOLUTION NO. 9518 <br />A RESOLUTION OF TI3E CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br />OF NEWPORT BEACH ESTABLISHING PARKING FEES <br />AND REGULATIONS FOR THE USE OF THE CITY <br />PARKING LOTS AT CORONA DEL MAR STATE AND CITY <br />BEACH AND BALBOA PARKING LOT AND RESCINDING <br />RESOLUTION NO. 8837 <br />WHEREAS, the City maintains and operates a parking <br />lot at Corona del Mar State and City Beach Park and a parking <br />lot on the Balboa Peninsula, southerly of Ocean Front at Palm <br />and Washington Streets, commonly referred to as the "Balboa <br />Parking Lot "; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Council desires to alter the fees <br />to establish new and different fees for buses, motorcycles and <br />vehicles towing trailers, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: <br />1. The City Manager shall determine the days upon <br />which parking control shall be maintained and parking lot fees <br />shall be charged for the use of City parking lots, as outlined <br />above, on the basis of his evaluation of whether there is <br />sufficient demand for the use of said lots to justify providing <br />a parking attendant or activating an automatic parking gate. <br />2. For each date that parking control is maintained, <br />the following fees shall be charged for the use of said lots: <br />A. Summer Rate (May 15 through last Sunday in September) <br />(1) Weekdays <br />(a) $.50 per day for motorcycles and motor <br />driven cycles <br />(b) $3.00 per day for buses, motorhomes, auto- <br />mobiles towing trailers, and vehicles 25' <br />• or more in length <br />(c) $1.50 per day for all other vehicles not <br />enumerated above. <br />