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RESOLUTION NO. 98 -3 <br />• A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br />NEWPORT BEACH SUPPORTS AND RECOMMENDS THE <br />ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ADOPT $1 FEE <br />ON VEHICLE REGISTRATIONS, RENEWALS AND <br />SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATIONS FOR APPORTIONED <br />REGISTRATIONS PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 587 OF THE <br />STATUTES OF 1997 <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to legal authorization, Orange County operates a <br />countywide Automated Fingerprint Identification System known as "Cal -ID "; and <br />WHEREAS, Cal -ID greatly enhances the ability of all police agencies in <br />the county to investigate crimes by enabling officers throughout the county <br />efficiently and accurately to identify crime suspects, arrestees and victims; and <br />WHEREAS, the current Cal -ID system is over 13 years old, uses 16 year <br />old computer technology, lacks sufficient capacity promptly to process all the <br />• data submitted by police agencies in the County, is frequently in disrepair, is <br />near capacity in terms of memory, and will cease to be operative in the year <br />2000; <br />WHEREAS, operation of the Cal -ID system currently is funded pursuant to <br />a User's Agreement between the County and the cities in the County, which <br />provides that revenue generated by an earmarked penalty assessment is <br />supplemented by contributions by the County and the cities; <br />WHEREAS, the earmarked penalty assessment generates insufficient <br />revenue to cover the current costs of operating the Cal -ID system; <br />WHEREAS, no funding source has been identified for replacement or <br />• upgrading of the current Cal -ID system; <br />