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• RESOLUTION NO. 98-13 <br />A RESOLUTION OF APPLICATION <br />BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />REQUESTING THE ORANGE COUNTY <br />LOCAL AGENCY FORMATION COMMISSION <br />TO TAKE PROCEEDINGS FOR THE <br />ANNEXATION OF THE SHELTON PROPERTY. <br />WHEREAS, the City of Newport Beach desires to initiate proceedings pursuant <br />to the Cortese -Knox Local Government Reorganization Act of 1985, commencing with <br />Section 56000 of the California Government Code, for the annexation of the Shelton <br />Property; and <br />WHEREAS, notice of intent to adopt this resolution of application has been <br />given to each interested and each subject agency; and <br />WHEREAS, the territory proposed to be annexed is uninhabited and a <br />description of the boundaries of the territory is set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto <br />and by this reference incorporated herein; and <br />• WHEREAS, this proposal is consistent with the sphere of influence of the City of <br />Newport Beach; and <br />WHEREAS, the reasons for the proposed annexation are as follows: <br />(a) the owner of the subject property wishes to make the property eligible <br />for City services; and <br />(b) the property and property immediately adjacent to the property are <br />proposed to be sold by the same owner to the same buyer. <br />WHEREAS, it is desired that the proposed annexation be subject to the <br />following terms and conditions: <br />(a) Payment by the property owner of all Local Agency Formation <br />Commission fees. <br />(b) The effective date shall be the date of recordation. <br />WHEREAS, this City Council certifies that this project is exempt from CEQA <br />under section 15319 of the State CEQA guidelines. <br />• <br />