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• RESOLUTION NO. 98 -20 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />DECLARING THE IMMEDIATE REPAIR OF ROADWAY SLOPE EROSION ON <br />EASTBLUFF DRIVE BETWEEN JAMBOREE ROAD AND BACK BAY DRIVE TO BE A <br />MATTER OF URGENT NECESSITY, CONFIRMING AUTHORIZATION OF THE <br />PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR TO AWARD A CONTRACT FOR THE REPAIR OF THE <br />SLOPE, AND CONFIRMING THE AWARD OF THE CONTRACT TO KEN <br />THOMPSON, INC., GENERAL ENGINEERING CONTRACTOR <br />The City Council finds and declares as follows: <br />A. During the intense storm of February 6 and ensuing storms through February 24, <br />1998, intense storm water runoff exceeded the capacity of the storm drain <br />system at the low point in Eastbluff Drive between Back Bay Drive and Jamboree <br />Road. Storm water overflowed the curb inlet and went down the 20 to 30 foot <br />slope into Back Bay. Severe erosion occurred which undercut the sidewalk and <br />washed out a portion of the storm drain. Any additional significant rainfall will <br />undermine Eastbluff Drive necessitating its closure to traffic, and <br />B. Due to the almost vertical slope, temporary repairs are not feasible. The slope <br />• must be reconstructed from the bottom up. Because of the sensitive habitat at <br />the toe of the slope, the Fish and Game Department will not allow construction <br />equipment to access the site from the bay level. All materials and equipment for <br />repairs will have to be lowered from Eastbluff Drive, and <br />C. After investigation temporary repairs and finding them not feasible, Ken <br />Thompson Inc., General Engineering Contractor was requested to give the City a <br />quotation for the repair of the slope storm drain, curb inlet, sidewalk and street. <br />This is the contractor currently working on the Green Acres project in Jamboree <br />Road. The quotation was $45,000.00, and <br />D. Based on the difficult working conditions required to make these repairs and the <br />necessity to make the repairs as rapidly as possible, this cost quotation appears <br />to be reasonable. Since the contractor already has equipment in the area, <br />move -in costs are minimized. <br />E. Section 1110, Contract on Public works, allows the City Council to authorize by <br />resolution passed by at least 5 affirmative votes of the Council, to award a <br />contract exceeding $30,000.00, without advertising for bids if such work and <br />material be deemed to be of urgent necessity for the preservation of life, health <br />or property and facts constituting such urgency are declared. <br />• <br />