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• RESOLUTION #98- 25 <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING TERRITORY <br />DESIGNATED AS "BONITA CANYON (RO97 -35)" <br />TO BE REORGANIZED, INCLUDING 461 ACRES TO BE <br />DETACHED FROM THE CITY OF IRVINE AND <br />ANNEXED TO THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />WHEREAS, the Local Agency Formation Commission of the County of Orange <br />adopted its Resolution #R097 -35 on March 11, 1998, making determinations and <br />approving the proposed reorganization including detachment of approximately 461 acres <br />from the City of Irvine and annexation of the same territory to the City of Newport <br />Beach, as described in Exhibit A attached hereto and by this reference incorporated <br />herein; and <br />WHEREAS, the terms and conditions of annexation as approved by the Local <br />Agency Formation Commission are as follows: <br />(a) Payment of the Recorder and State Board of Equalization Fees. <br />(b) The applicant agrees to hold harmless and indemnify LAFCO and /or its agents, <br />officers, and employees to attach, set aside, void, or annul the approval of LAFCO <br />• concerning this proposal or any action relating to or arising out of such approval <br />when such action is brought within the applicable statute of limitations. <br />(c) Prior to the issuance of the certificate of completion by the executive officer, the <br />County Board of Supervisors shall adopt a resolution transferring property tax <br />revenues associated with the library and fire functions to the City of Newport Beach. <br />(d) Prior to the issuance of the certificate of completion by the executive officer, the <br />applicants will provide a County Surveyor- approved revised map and legal <br />description containing minor modifications to the already- certified map and legal <br />description. These modifications shall be limited to boundary adjustments in the <br />public right -of -way concerning the ramp from southbound MacArthur Boulevard to <br />southbound San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor (State Route 73). These <br />modifications will ensure that the entire right -of -way of MacArthur Boulevard along <br />this boundary change remains within the jurisdiction of the City of Irvine. <br />WHEREAS, the proposed changes of organization are made for the purpose of <br />establishing the Cities of Irvine and Newport Beach ultimate boundary along the San <br />Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor between MacArthur Boulevard and Bonita <br />Canyon Road, and to coincide the city boundaries with those of the Irvine Unified <br />School District and the Newport -Mesa Unified School District; and <br />WHEREAS, the regular County assessment roll is utilized by both cities; and <br />WHEREAS, the affected territory will be not taxed for existing general bonded <br />indebtedness of the City of Newport Beach and the City of Irvine; and <br />• <br />