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RESOLUTION NO. 98 -28 <br />• A RESOLUTION AMENDING RESOLUTION <br />NO. 89 -7 OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH REGARDING IN <br />LIEU PARKING FEES <br />WHEREAS, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 89 -7 on February 27, 1989, <br />which prohibited the issuance of new permits pursuant to the provisions of Section <br />12.44.125, until the City Council's approval of the Specific Area Plan for Central Balboa <br />and Council action on Ordinance No. 88 -47. The Central Balboa Specific Area Plan has <br />been adopted; however, the City Council has not taken action on Ordinance 88-47; <br />WHEREAS, the City Council has authorized the preparation of a Parking <br />Management Action Plan for Balboa Peninsula; <br />• WHEREAS, the City Council anticipates that, as a result of said Plan, action will be <br />taken to address Ordinance No. 88 -47 in the near future; <br />WHEREAS, the City Council finds that eating and drinking establishments that <br />operate with certain characteristics have a very low parking demand, which can be met <br />with street parking without causing adverse impacts on the surrounding neighborhood. <br />Said characteristics include small scale (fewer than forty -five seats), very low turnover, <br />closure earlier than midnight, and location in an area with ample and convenient street <br />parking for which there is limited demand; <br />WHEREAS, the City Council finds that an exception to Resolution No. 89 -7 is <br />warranted for eating and drinking establishments with the operational characteristics <br />described above. Said exception will provide for an alternative arrangement for parking <br />• consistent with the waiver standards provided in Title 20 of the Newport Beach Municipal <br />-1- <br />