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RESOLUTION NO. 2000 -104 <br />RESOLUTION MAKING FINDING ON A PETITION FOR, ADOPTING A MAP <br />SHOWING THE PROPOSED BOUNDARIES OF, AND MAKING APPOINTMENTS <br />FOR ASSESSMENT DISTRICT NO. 79 <br />WHEREAS, this legislative body has been presented by certain property owners an executed <br />petition (the "Petition ") requesting the formation of a special assessment district to be designated as <br />ASSESSMENT DISTRICT NO. 79 (BEACON BAY) (the "Assessment District ") to provide for street <br />improvements including resurfacing, curbs, gutters, and storm drains and for the conversion of certain <br />overhead electrical and communication facilities to underground locations as described in the Petition, <br />together with appurtenances and appurtenant work in connection therewith, pursuant to the terms and <br />provisions of Ordinance No. 2000 -17 (the "Ordinance ") and the "Municipal Improvement Act of 1913 ", <br />being Division 12 of the Streets and Highways Code of the State of California (the "Act "), as said Act <br />is modified and supplemented by the Ordinance; <br />WHEREAS, the Development Engineer of the City of Newport Beach has certified to this <br />legislative body as follows: <br />a. the Petition has been signed by owners owning more than sixty percent (60 %) in <br />area of all assessable property within the boundaries of the proposed Assessment District, and <br />b. the Petition is signed by not less than five (5) owners owning lands constituting <br />more than one -half (1/2) in area of all assessable property within the boundaries of the proposed <br />Assessment District. <br />WHEREAS, this legislative body has been presented and has received a map (the "Map ") <br />showing and describing the boundary of the area proposed to be assessed in the Assessment District. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT Determined, Resolved, and Ordered as follows: <br />SECTION 1. The above recitals are all true and correct. <br />SECTION 2. The Petition shall be retained as a permanent record and remain open to public <br />inspection. <br />SECTION 3. The Map is hereby approved and adopted. The original map of the boundaries of <br />the proposed Assessment District and one copy thereof is to be filed in the Office of the City Clerk. <br />SECTION 4. A certificate shall be endorsed on the original Map and on at least one copy of <br />the Map evidencing the date and adoption of this Resolution, and within fifteen (15) days after the <br />adoption of the Resolution fixing the time and place of hearing on the formation or extent of the <br />Assessment District. a copy of the Map shall be filed with the correct and proper endorsements thereon <br />with the County Recorder, all in the manner and form provided in Section 31 1 1 of the Streets and <br />Highways Code of the State of California. <br />