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RESOLUTION NO 2001- 10 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />SUPPORTING THE NEWPORT DUNES <br />STORM WATER DIVERSION <br />WHEREAS Newport Bay is an impaired water body under Section 303(d) of the federal <br />Clean Water Act and is therefore subject to Total Maximum Daily Loads for sediment <br />nutrients fecal coliform and toxics and <br />WHEREAS the Fecal Coliform TMDL directs the City and its Bay partners to clean up <br />inputs to the Bay such that the Bay meets REC I (water contact recreational activities like <br />swimming) standards by 2013 and <br />WHEREAS a key area of the Bay subject to excessive amounts of fecal cohform ib a <br />portion of the Newport Dunes swimming lagoon and <br />WHEREAS the Dunes I al,00n receiveb drainage from a watershed east of the Lagoon <br />near Jamboree and Back Bav Drive and <br />WHEREAS diverting dry weather flows from this drainage area into the wastewater <br />sy stem may lead to water quality improvementb in the Dunes Lagoon and <br />WHEREAS the Orange County Sanitation District and the California Regional Water <br />Quality Control Board Santa Ana Region has proposed a Supplemental Environmental <br />Project (SEP) that would permanently diiert these flows to the wastewater system now <br />therefore be it <br />RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Newport Beach that the City supports <br />this proposal and authorizes the construction of this SEP within City limits ubing OCSD <br />and County of Orange divcrsion funds and be it also <br />RESOLVED that the City Council hereby authorizes the City Manager to direct the <br />construction of this SEP within a timely manner as directed by the Regional Board <br />ADOPTED this 131h day of February 2001 <br />ATTEST <br />I aVonne Harklebs <br />CITY CLERK <br />Garold Adams <br />MAYOR <br />