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RESOLUTION NO. 2005- to <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH REQUESTING THE <br />ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS TO DESIGNATE ALL MUNICIPAL <br />FIRE STATIONS WITHIN THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH AS "SAFE - <br />SURRENDER SITES" FOR NEWBORNS <br />WHEREAS, California Health and Safety Code section 1255.7, known as the "Safe <br />Haven Law," was enacted in 2000 in response to widespread reports of babies being abandoned <br />in trash bins and restrooms, and on the highways, and being discovered dead or in life - <br />threatening medical and physical condition; and <br />WHEREAS, the "Safe Haven Law" encourages persons with custody of unwanted <br />newborn children to anonymously surrender the newborn so that it may receive immediate <br />medical attention; and <br />WHEREAS, according to the California Department of Social Services, in the first two <br />years that the "Safe Haven Law" was in effect, 20 babies were safely- surrendered; but 88 babies <br />were still illegally abandoned, 20 of whom died; and <br />WHEREAS, the "Safe Haven Law" provides that (a) a parent or person having lawful <br />custody of a child 72 hours old or younger, who delivers the child to a designated "Safe - <br />Surrender Site," would be immune from criminal prosecution, (b) a person accepting custody of <br />a newborn at a "Safe- Surrender Site" must notify the County Child Protective Services Agency <br />within 48 hours, and (c) permits the person surrendering a newborn to anonymously provide <br />medical information to the person accepting custody; and <br />WHEREAS, the "Safe Haven Law" defines a "Safe- Surrender Site as a location <br />"designated by the board of supervisors of a county" to be responsible for accepting physical <br />custody of a newborn; and <br />WHEREAS, the Safe Haven Law provides immunity for the safe surrender site and the <br />personnel of the safe surrender site from civil, criminal, and administrative liability, and, <br />WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Newport Beach strongly supports the "Safe - <br />Surrender Site" program and desires that all City of Newport Beach fire stations be designated as <br />"Safe- Surrender Sites;" <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the City of Newport Beach hereby declares, <br />finds, and determines as follows: <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach hereby formally requests that the Oran ge <br />County Board of Supervisors designate all fire stations within the City of Newport Beach as <br />"Safe- Surrender Sites" pursuant to California Health and Safety Code section 1255.7. <br />