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RESOLUTION NO. 2005 -23 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />RELATING TO COUNTY -HELD LANDS AND EASEMENTS <br />IN BUCK GULLY AND THE NEWPORT COAST <br />WHEREAS, the City of Newport Beach and the County of Orange have worked <br />cooperatively to administer activities and lands in the city's formerly- unincorporated <br />southeastern region, including the Newport Coast; and <br />WHEREAS, the Newport Coast and Buck Gully include scenic easements and <br />properties owned and managed by the County of Orange are included in the county's <br />network of wilderness lands and open space; and <br />WHEREAS, Buck Gully and the resource preservation easement (OS 55E 109) are <br />enrolled within the Natural Communities Conservation Program (NCCP) of the Nature <br />Reserve of Orange County (NROC); and <br />WHEREAS, the City annexed land in the Newport Coast effective January 1, 2002, <br />while the County retained ownership of many properties, including land in Buck Gully <br />and five view parks (three along Newport Coast Drive and two along San Joaquin Hills <br />Road); and <br />WHEREAS, Buck Gully, an open space area with maintenance needs <br />commensurate with wilderness lands, is an area that the City seeks to maintain in order <br />consistent with the NCCP and NROC to protect the region's water quality and limit <br />potential damage from erosion and wildland fires; and <br />WHEREAS, the Coastal Greenbelt Authority (CGA) is a cooperative entity that <br />assists in the management and administration of these open space lands; and <br />WHEREAS, fee ownership of land within the CGA's boundaries is necessary for a <br />CGA member to have voting authority at the CGA; and <br />WHEREAS, both the County and the City are desirous of transferring certain scenic <br />easements, a resource preservation easement, and fee ownership of lands (as shown <br />in Exhibit A to this Resolution) from the County to the City to allow the City to manage <br />these easements and lands and to cause the City to become a voting member of the <br />CGA; and <br />WHEREAS, the City believes that such transference of easements and lands shall <br />include the maintenance responsibility for these same easements and lands and shall <br />include any revenues now held by the County but associated with the lands or <br />easements, including fuel modification or brush clearance annuities and revenue from <br />wireless telecommunications facilities; now, therefore be it <br />