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• <br />RESOLUTION NO. 2005- 26 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />BEACH CERTIFYING THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT AND <br />ADOPTING A MITIGATION MONITORING PROGRAM REGARDING THE <br />NEWPORT LEXUS AUTOMOBILE DEALERSHIP FOR PROPERTY <br />LOCATED AT 848 & 888 DOVE STREET AND 3901, 3931, & 2961 <br />MACARTHUR BOULEVARD (PA 2004 -153) <br />WHEREAS, an application was filed by Wilson Automotive Group for property identified <br />as 848 & 888 Dove Street and 3901, 3931, & 3961 MacArthur Boulevard located at the <br />southwesterly comer of the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Jamboree Road. The <br />application requests approval of: a General Plan Amendment to change the land use <br />designation from "Administrative, Professional and Financial Commercial' to 'Retail and <br />Service Commercial" for the 5 -acre northerly portion of the site and establish a maximum <br />developable gross floor area of 139,000 square feet for the entire 8 -acre project site; an <br />amendment to the Newport Place Planned Community Development Standards to change <br />the designation of the 3 -acre southerly portion from "Auto Center Site" to "General <br />Commercial" and combine the 3 -acre site and the 5 -acre site into a single site designated <br />Site 7 and to revise use and development regulations in the Planned Community Text to <br />allow construction of a 114,485 square -foot automobile dealership comprised of a 42,142 <br />square -foot automobile showroom building and a 72,343 square -foot service department <br />facility; a Use Permit as required by the Planned Community Text for an automobile <br />dealership and for a wine bar pursuant to the Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance; a Modification <br />Permit to allow encroachment of vehicle display areas into required landscaped yards, <br />encroachment of eight (8) new vehicle display pads into required yards, and encroachment of <br />a screening wall and tire and fluid storage areas into a required yard; and, a Traffic Study <br />pursuant to the Traffic Phasing Ordinance. <br />WHEREAS, in accordance with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) <br />requirements, a Notice of Preparation (NOP) was filed with the State Clearinghouse, which <br />assigned State Clearinghouse No. 2004081004. <br />WHEREAS, the NOP and an Initial Study were distributed to all responsible and <br />trustee agencies and other interested parties for a 30 -day public review period commencing <br />on August 2, 2004 and ending on September 1, 2004. <br />WHEREAS, in accordance with CEQA requirements, a Notice of Completion (NOC) of <br />a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was filed with the State Clearinghouse, and the <br />Draft EIR was distributed to agencies, interested organizations, and individuals by the City. <br />The distribution list is available at the City of Newport Beach Planning Department. The Draft <br />EIR dated November 2004 was distributed separately due to bulk and is hereby designated <br />as Exhibit EIR 1. <br />WHEREAS, a 45 -day public review period for the Draft EIR was established pursuant <br />to State law, which commenced on November 29, 2004 and ended on January 12, 2005. <br />