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RESOLUTION NO. 2005- 40 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT <br />BEACH APPROVING GENERAL PLAN AMENDMENT NO. 2004 -006 TO THE <br />LAND USE ELEMENT OF THE NEWPORT BEACH GENERAL PLAN TO <br />INCREASE THE DEVELOPMENT ALLOCATION OF KOLL CENTER <br />NEWPORT OFFICE SITE B OF AIRPORT AREA (STATISTICAL AREA L4) BY <br />1,750 GROSS SQUARE FEET (PA2004 -231) <br />WHEREAS, an application was filed by Master Development Corporation with respect to <br />property located at 4200 Von Karman Avenue, and legally described as Parcel 3 of Parcel Map <br />No. 82 -713 map filed in Book 181, Pages 13 through 19, proposing to amend the Statistical <br />Area L4 (Koll Center Newport Office Site B) of the Land Use Element to increase the <br />development allocation by 1,750 gross square feet. The applicant also requests an <br />amendment to the Koll Center Planned Community Text (PC -15) to increase the maximum <br />allowable net area by 1,367 square feet. These requests are necessary to allow the applicant <br />to replace the existing one -story 1,330 square foot with a new 2 -story 3,080 square foot office <br />building. <br />WHEREAS, on June 9, 2005, the Planning Commission conducted a public hearing in <br />the City Hall Council Chambers, 3300 Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, California. A notice <br />of time, place and purpose of the meeting was given in accordance with the Municipal Code. <br />Evidence, both written and oral, was presented to and considered by the Planning <br />Commission at this meeting. After receiving public comments, the Planning Commission <br />continued the application to July 7, 2005 in order for the applicant to resolve several outstanding <br />issues with the Koll Company. <br />i <br />WHEREAS, on July 7, 2005, the Planning Commission received further public comments <br />and with a vote of 6 ayes (one absent) recommended approval of General Plan Amendment No. <br />2004 -006 and Code Amendment No. 2005 -006 to the City Council. <br />WHEREAS, the property is designated Administrative, Professional, & Financial <br />Commercial by the General Plan Land Use Element. The City has adopted Planned Community <br />District Regulations (PC -15 Koll Center) that establish development standards and use <br />regulations to implement the General Plan. The property is presently improved with a one -story <br />1,330 square foot professional office building. <br />WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 20.94 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code, the City <br />Council held a noticed public hearing on July 26, 2005 to consider the proposed amendment <br />to the Statistical Area L4 (Koll Center Newport Office Site B) of the Land Use Element and the <br />recommendations of the Planning Commission. <br />WHEREAS, the City Council finds: <br />As part of the development and implementation of the Newport Beach General Plan, <br />the Land Use Element has been prepared which, sets forth objectives, supporting <br />policies and limitations for development in the City of Newport Beach and designates <br />