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RESOLUTION NO. 2006- 15 <br />A RESOLUTION OF APPLICATION <br />REQUESTING THE ORANGE COUNTY <br />LOCAL AGENCY FORMATION COMMISSION <br />TO INITIATE PROCEEDINGS FOR THE REORGANIZATION OF TERRITORY <br />AT WEST SANTA ANA HEIGHTS, THE EMERSON/CHURCHILL TRACT, <br />AND THE GENERAL SERVICES CORPORATE YARD FUELING PARCEL <br />WHEREAS, the City of Newport Beach desires to initiate proceedings pursuant to the <br />Cortese -Knox- Herzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000, commencing with <br />Section 56000 of the CA Government Code, for a reorganization which would concurrently: <br />(1) Annex territory to the City of Newport Beach; <br />(2) Detach territory from the Sphere of Influence of the City of <br />Costa Mesa; and <br />(3) Detach territory from the City of Costa Mesa. <br />WHEREAS, this reorganization shall be known as the "Western Borders Reorganization" <br />and shall include three distinct `sections" that shall be known as follows: <br />Section A - West Santa Ana Heights <br />Section D - Emerson /Churchill Tract <br />Section E - GS Yard Fueling Area <br />WHEREAS, notice of intent to adopt this Resolution of Application has been given by <br />mail to affected and interested agencies; and <br />WHEREAS, the principal reasons for the proposed reorganization are as follows: <br />(a) The City anticipates that it can provide more efficient municipal services, especially in <br />the areas of law enforcement and community recreational services, to the sections <br />than currently provided; <br />(b) The City seeks to assist the County of Orange, the City of Costa Mesa, and Orange <br />County LAFCO in improving and simplifying the service delivery, jurisdiction, and <br />governance of several unincorporated "islands" adjacent to the City; <br />(c) The City seeks to improve the administration of the Santa Ana Heights <br />redevelopment project area and its planned projects; and <br />(d) The City seeks to consolidate administration of its General Services Corporation <br />Yard by placing the entire Yard in the corporate limits of Newport Beach. <br />WHEREAS, the following agencies would be affected by the proposed jurisdictional <br />changes: <br />AGENCY <br />City of Newport Beach <br />City of Costa Mesa <br />County of Orange <br />NATURE OF CHANGE <br />Annexation <br />Detachment from sphere <br />and detachment from <br />corporate city limits <br />Annexation of <br />unincorporated territory <br />