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�Ewvoar CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />om� COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT <br />BUILDING DEPARTMENT <br />3300 NEWPORT BOULEVARD <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92658 <br />(949) 644 -3275; FAX (949) 644 -3250 <br />Hearing Date: <br />Agenda Item No.: <br />Staff Person: <br />REPORT TO THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: Adoption of the Building Codes. <br />May 10, 1999 <br />5 <br />Jay Elbettar <br />(949) 644 -3282 <br />SUGGESTED ACTION <br />Introduce the ordinance, the resolution of findings for local amendments and pass to <br />second reading on May 24, 1999. <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY <br />In accordance with State law, model codes, as published by the Building Standards <br />Commission in Title 24, are mandated to be enforced on July 1, 1999. The attached <br />ordinance proposal, along with the resolution of required findings for local <br />amendments, will bring Newport Beach into compliance with that requirement. <br />BACKGROUND <br />Based on a November 18, 1998 ruling by the California Building Standards <br />Commission, the 1998 California Building Codes will go into effect July 1, 1999. <br />Section 17922 of the Health and Safety Code provides a detailed explanation of the <br />process. <br />Section 17958 deals with adoption of ordinances by cities. It states that cities may <br />make changes or modifications in the State provisions adopted pursuant to Section <br />17922 upon express findings by the City Council that these changes are reasonable <br />and necessary because of local climatic, geological, or topographical conditions. These <br />local amendments, additions and deletions to the 1998 State Building Standards Code <br />need to be in effect on July 1, 1999. Failure to do so will impose State requirements <br />without local amendments. <br />Each city or county adopts these codes with amendments, additions or deletions <br />necessary because of local climate, geological, or topographical conditions pursuant to <br />I <br />