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SEW Ppgr CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH Hearing Date: <br />o° m COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Agenda Item No.: <br />- i PLANNING DEPARTMENT Staff Person: <br />3300 NEWPORT BOULEVARD <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92658 <br />(714) 644 -3200; FAX (714) 644 -3250 <br />REPORT TO THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br />PROJECT: Koll Center Newport Office Project <br />May10,1999 <br />12 <br />Patricia L. Temple <br />(949) 644 -3200 <br />ACTION: Approve Professional Services Agreements with Lawrence Associates of <br />San Juan Capistrano and Keeton Kreitzer Consulting of Irvine, California, <br />for professional project management and environmental services. <br />Council Policy F -14, Authority to Contract For Services, authorizes Department Heads to award <br />contracts for services of less than $30,000.00 without further review. However, contracts in excess <br />of $30,000.00; contracts for service not specified in the approved budget; and contracts for services <br />which exceed the amount authorized by the City Council in the budget must be submitted to the <br />City Council for specific approval before the contract is awarded. Additionally, the City Attorney is <br />required to review all specific contract documents prior to contract award. <br />The attached consultant contracts are for the processing of the request of the Koll Company for <br />additional office development at the comer of MacArthur Boulevard and Jamboree Road. One of <br />the two contracts, for Lawrence Associates, technically does not require City Council approval <br />because it is under the $30,000 limit. However, this is the first time the Planning Department is <br />utilizing an outside consultant to augment staff. We need to do this because of our extremely high <br />workload combined with limited staff resources. As a result, this applicant has requested that a <br />contract planner be retained to fulfill normal staff activities, like managing the environmental <br />consultant, reviewing and processing applications, writing staff reports, and plan checking the <br />building. We felt that the City Council should be aware of this fact, and felt the contract approval <br />process provided a convenient mechanism for this information. The contract planner cost is to be <br />covered by the applicant. <br />Lawrence Associates has provided a proposal for project management for the project. This firm was <br />selected after a Request for Proposals, a review of six different firms' Scope of Services, and an <br />interview. In recommending the retention of this firm, staff believes that it possesses the level of <br />experience necessary to manage the project with a level of competence similar to City staff. Mr. <br />Lawrence has experience as a staff planner, and has an excellent understanding of this role. That of <br />representing the applicant. Additionally, he has a good knowledge of the City and its processes, <br />since he prepared the Recreation and Open Space Element of the General Plan under contract to the <br />City, and we were very satisfied with his work. <br />In terms of the EIR consultant, it should be noted that the City's standard practice for more than 20 <br />years has been to select environmental consultants from a list of firms previously qualified by the <br />City, when agreed to by the applicant. The City has followed this practice because the time limits <br />