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0 <br />ITEM 9 <br />TO: Members of the Newport Beach City Council <br />FROM: Dave Kiff, Assistant to the City Manager <br />SUBJECT: Lease Agreement with the Balboa Angling Club <br />RECOMMENDED <br />ACTION: <br />Approve proposed lease with the Balboa Angling Club. <br />BACKGROUND The City currently leases the land and clubhouse at 200 A Street on the Balboa <br />Peninsula to the Balboa Angling Club. The Club, founded in 1926, was created <br />to "further the sport of rod and reel fishing' and for the "conservation of fish and <br />the good will of fishermen." <br />Today, the Club's 439 members pay $100 per month (or $135 per family) to <br />support the Club's endeavors, which include: <br />• Youth activities, including an annual fishing trip for 50 youth, fishing lessons <br />from the beach area, and a junior fishing tournament <br />• Marine conservation programs, including a juvenile white sea bass pen <br />• Sportfishing events, including the annual Master Angler Billfish Tournament, <br />the Lily Call Tournament, and more. <br />Current Lease The current lease began in April 1947. Later amendments extended the Lease to <br />1967, then to 1977, and then to January 31, 1999. The Lease expired on that date - <br />the Club has since operated on a month -to -month basis. <br />The current lease does not require the Club to pay rent for the premises. <br />"Consideration" has been that the Club maintain the clubhouse and pier in good <br />condition and that the Club use the premises for "civic, educational, and <br />recreational purposes ..." <br />Proposed Lease The proposed lease does not significantly change the terms of the current lease. <br />It retains a similar " consideration" clause (where the Club pays no rent in <br />exchange for maintaining the premises) but updates language relating to the <br />Club's insurance and the requirement that the Club hold the City harmless for <br />actions on the premises. It proposes a 25 -year term for the new lease, causing an <br />expiration date of May 10, 2024. <br />Newport Beach City Council <br />