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• <br />May 10, 1999 <br />CITY COUNCIL AGENDA <br />ITEM NO. 8 <br />TO: Mayor and Members of the City Council <br />FROM: Public Works Department <br />SUBJECT: MARINERS LIBRARY ROOF REPLACEMENT — AWARD OF <br />CONTRACT NO. 3241 <br />RECOMMENDATIONS: <br />1. Approve the Plans and Specifications. <br />2. Award Contract No. 3241 to Long Beach Roofing Inc., for the Total Bid Price of <br />$43,624.80 for Alternate "A ", and authorize the Mayor and the City Clerk to <br />execute the contract. <br />3. Establish an amount of $2,375.00 for Alternate "A" to cover the cost of <br />unforeseen work. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Mariner's Library is almost 40 years old and the roof has recently exhibited leaks. The <br />work in Alternate "A" includes an additional layer of roofing material and a 30 -year <br />warranty. The work for Alternate `B" does not include the additional layer of roofing <br />material and would have only a 10 -year warranty. Staff recommends spending the <br />additional $2,000.00 for the 30 -year warranty roof provided with Alternate "A ". <br />At 11:00 A.M on April 22, 1999, the City Clerk opened and read the following bids for <br />this project: <br />Alternate "A" <br />BIDDER <br />Low Long Beach Roofing Inc. <br />2 Vance and Associates Roofing Inc, <br />3 Lavey Roofing Corporation <br />'Corrected Bid Amount is $48,372.30 <br />"Corrected Bid Amount is $61,635.50 <br />TOTAL BID AMOUNT <br />$43,624.80 <br />•$48,371.70 <br />••$54,124.00 <br />The low total bid amount is 18% above the Engineer's Estimate of $37,000.00. <br />