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May 10, 1999 <br />Agenda Item No. 1 <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />City Council Minutes DRAFT <br />Study Session <br />April 26, 1999 - 4:00 p.m. INDEX <br />Present: Glover, Thomson (arrived at 4:15 p.m.), Debay, Ridgeway, Noyes, <br />Mayor O'Neil <br />Absent: Adams <br />CURRENT BUSINESS <br />1. CLARIFICATION OF ITEMS ON THE CONSENT CALENDAR. <br />Regarding Item No. 14, McFadden Place Farmers Market Agreement, <br />Council Member Debay asked if the item needed to be pulled in order to <br />receive approval. Assistant City Manager Wood stated that the action is a <br />"yes" or "no' action and that the provisions are written into the agreement. <br />In response to Council Member Glover's questions regarding Item No. 8, R -A <br />District Height Limits (Amendment 887), and its impact on Kings Road, <br />Ms. Wood clarified that the report only refers to the R -A District; that <br />. Amendment 887 does not affect Kings Road; and that handwritten pages 6 to <br />10 were not supposed to be included in the report. She indicated that the <br />property is on Mesa Drive and that a variance application was submitted. <br />In response to Mayor O'Neil's question, City Attorney Burnham confirmed <br />that including handwritten pages 6 to 10 does not change anything relative <br />to the notification. <br />In response to Council Member Glover's question relative to whether Item <br />No. 9, Service Station Regulations Update (Amendment 885), will be going to <br />public hearing, Acting City Manager Danner reported that staff will be <br />recommending that this item be continued for two weeks. <br />Council Member Glover expressed concern that all Newport Beach service <br />stations are becoming completely self serve stations. She believed that one <br />pump should be dedicated to full service, especially since there are many <br />elderly citizens in the City. <br />In response to Council Member Glover's question, Mr. Burnham stated that <br />her concern is not necessarily appropriate during clarification of items on the <br />consent calendar but that it is something that can be brought back. He <br />indicated that the City can only regulate as it relates to the zoning code. <br />2. UPDATE OF GENERAL PLAN HOUSING ELEMENT. <br />• Assistant City Manager Wood explained that there was a delay in requiring <br />a Housing Element update because the State did not fund the Regional <br />Volume 52 - Page 438 <br />General Plan <br />Housing Element <br />(68) <br />