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�EW�RT <br />o° a� <br />U 2 <br />a <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT <br />PLANNING DEPARTMENT <br />,j5 o NEWPORT BOULEVARD <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92658 <br />(949) 644 -3200; FAX (949) 699-3250 <br />Hearing Date: May 10, 1999A64=2&; =W99, <br />Agenda Item No.: 15 =8= <br />Staff Person: Patrick J. Alford <br />(949) 644 -3235 <br />REPORT TO THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: R -A District Height Limits (Amendment 887) <br />SUMMARY: An amendment to Section 20.65.040 (Height Limitation Zones) of Title 20 of the <br />Municipal Code to place all properties in the Residential - Agricultural (R -A) <br />District in the 32/50 Foot Height Limitation Zone. <br />ACTION: Introduce ordinance and set for public hearing on May 10, 1999 <br />Background <br />On February 18, 1999, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on Variance 1226 for an R -A <br />District property located at 2128 Mesa Drive. The variance was to exceed the height limits for proposed <br />alterations and additions to an existing single - family dwelling. The investigation of the variance raised <br />questions as to the appropriateness of the 24/28 Height Limitation Zone in the R -A District. The <br />Planning Commission concluded that while Variance 1226 could not be supported, it may be appropriate <br />.to place the R -A District into a higher height limitation zone. The Planning Commission directed staff to <br />return with a resolution of intent. <br />The Planning Commission initiated the amendment on March 18, 1999. <br />Analysis <br />The subject amendment would affect only three (3) residential properties located off of Mesa Drive. The <br />subject properties were annexed to the City in 1955 and placed in the Unclassified (U) District. At that <br />time, the height limits in the U District were specified on a case -by -case basis through use permits. In <br />1956 and 1962, the Planning Commission approved use permits for the single - family residences currently <br />developed on the subject properties. In each case, the Planning Commission included a condition that the <br />project to be constructed to R -A District standards. At that time, the R -A District had a maximum height <br />limit of thirty -five (35) feet. <br />When the Mesa Drive properties were reclassified to the new R -A District in 1997, the 24/28 Height <br />Limitation Zone was deemed appropriate because Mesa Drive is principally a single - family residential <br />area and this is the height limit zone for all single - family and two - family districts. However, most single - <br />family and two - family lots have less than five thousand (5,000) square feet of land area and are less than <br />fifty (50) feet wide. In contrast, the R -A District requires a minimum lot area of two (2) acres and a <br />minimum lot width of one hundred and twenty -five (125) feet. These larger lots can accommodate a <br />higher high limit. <br />