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4e�EW �Rr <br />O A <br />U 2 <br />•°�aroa��� <br />CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />COMMUNITY AND ECONOMIC <br />DEVELOPMENT <br />PLANNING DEPARTMENT <br />3300 NEWPORT BOULEVARD <br />NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92658 <br />(949) 644 -3200; FAX (949) 644 -3250 <br />Hearing Date: <br />Agenda Item No.: <br />Staff Person: <br />REPORT TO THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: Renewal of Corona del Mar Farmers Market <br />May 10, 1999 <br />1Q <br />Daniel R. Trimble <br />(949) 644 -3230 <br />SUGGESTED <br />ACTION: Approve Third Amendment to Encroachment Agreement, which allows <br />for annual renewal by the City Manager up to ten years <br />Background <br />The Corona del Mar Farmers Market was authorized by the City Council on May 13, 1996 and <br />opened Saturday morning May 18, 1996 in the municipal parking lots at Marguerite Avenue and <br />Bayside Drive. It has been open Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. each week since that <br />time. <br />• In the first weeks of operation, there were minor issues faced by the City including a few <br />complaints of patrons parking illegally to shop at the market and an incident of produce waste <br />having been deposited in the City trashcans. These incidents were rectified in the early weeks of <br />the market, and have not continued to be problems. <br />The market managers, Rick and Sandy Heil, have complied with the encroachment agreement in all <br />matters including: the payment of monthly lease payments prior to due dates, complete clean up <br />after the weekly market, assurance of only certified producers represented at the market and <br />provision of certified producer certificates to the City for each vendor, the regular posting of <br />"Farmers Market Parking" signs on two nearby bank lots as originally agreed, and continuous on- <br />site management for the duration of the market each week. The managers have carefully <br />maintained the market, often avoiding problems such as double parking by patrons through friendly <br />presence and interaction. <br />The Corona del Mar Farmers Market has been popular in the community since its beginning. The <br />market is a neighborhood gathering place which the community seems to have embraced as its own. <br />The same farmers sell each week in the same locations. They are courteous and helpful, ready to <br />make selections for the customers or to recommend recipes for their produce. <br />Annual Review <br />The existing Encroachment Agreement between Rick Heil and the City of Newport Beach operates <br />. on a one -year term, and has been renewed annually by the City Manager for the past two years and <br />Renewal of Comm del Mar Farmer's Market <br />May 10, 1999 <br />Page I <br />