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11 <br />May 10, 1999 <br />CITY COUNCIL AGENDA <br />ITEM NO. 14 <br />TO: Mayor And Members Of The City Council <br />FROM: Public Works Department <br />SUBJECT: VACATION AND ABANDONMENT OF A PORTION OF AVOCADO <br />AVENUE, LOCATED BETWEEN PACIFIC DRIVE AND WATERFRONT <br />DRIVE IN THE CORONA DEL MAR AREA <br />RECOMMENDATIONS: <br />1. Hold public hearing; close hearing. <br />2. If desired, (a) adopt Resolution No. 99 - ordering the vacation and abandonment <br />of a portion of unused right -of -way along the westerly side of Avocado Avenue, <br />between Pacific Drive and Waterfront Drive, adjacent to 401 Avocado Avenue; and <br />(b) direct the City Clerk to have the resolution recorded by the Orange County <br />Recorder. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />The Avocado Avenue right -of -way between Pacific Drive and Waterfront Drive is a 50 <br />foot wide easement with the underlying ownership belonging to the adjacent property <br />owners. The 23 feet of Avocado Avenue right -of -way to be vacated will revert back to <br />Kathryn and Charles Wheeler who have the underlying fee ownership. Item No. 7 on <br />Page 3 of the attached Title Report, dated March 17,1999, (Exhibit "C ") confirms that <br />Avocado Avenue is an easement dedicated with Corona del Mar Tract, Tract No. 682, <br />Tract No. 2813 and various instruments of record. <br />Avocado Avenue is a one -way street between Pacific Drive and Waterfront Drive with the <br />easterly 27 feet of the 50 foot right -of -way improved. The existing improvements are not <br />wide enough to allow parking and the passage of large vehicles such as refuse trucks <br />and fire engines. The Traffic Affairs Committee has met several times over the past <br />few years to address these issues. The Fire & Marine Department has expressed <br />concern over their ability to respond with large equipment in this area. The residents <br />along the easterly side of Avocado Avenue do not want to lose the two parking spaces <br />that already exist. <br />Staff has negotiated a fair resolution to the concerns of all parties. Mrs. Wheeler owns <br />the property along the west side of Avocado Avenue. She has agreed to pay for the <br />construction of a two -space parking bay on the east side of Avocado Avenue in return <br />for the City abandoning the unimproved portion of the street. The City's abandonment <br />