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ITEM 22 <br />TO: Members of the Newport Beach City Council <br />FROM: Dave Kiff, Deputy City Manager <br />SUBJECT: Council Policy Revisions for 2000 and Reaffirmation of City's Statement <br />- -o Investment Policy <br />RECOMMENDED <br />ACTION: <br />(a) Approve the proposed revisions to Council Policies A -2, A-4, A -6, D -2, E -2, F -2, <br />F -5 and G -3; and; <br />(b) Reaffirm Policy F -1 (Statement on Investment Policy); <br />EXECUTIVE The City Council's Council Poling Manual tells City staff and the Council how to <br />SUMMARY: address many common issues that arise in the city. The Policy Manual reflects <br />the wishes of the Council regarding dozens of issues - from appointing <br />commissioners to trimming trees - that are important to address in a consistent <br />manner year after year. <br />The Policy Manual directs the City Manager to conduct a review of the Manual <br />at least once a year during the first quarter of the calendar year. This Agenda <br />Item includes suggested changes to the Manual from the 2000 review and <br />includes the text of the City's Statement of Investment Policy. Per a State of <br />California requirement enacted after the 1994 Orange County bankruptcy, the <br />item asks the Council to reaffirm this latter policy as it adopts changes to other <br />policies identified above. <br />BACKGROUND: This agenda item contains two distinct parts: <br />• The annual review of the City Council's Council Policy Manual; and <br />• The annual reaffirmation of the City's Statement of Investment Policy (Council <br />Policy F -1) as required by California law. <br />Policy Manual Changes Policy Manual Review. Council Policy D -3 directs the City Council to review <br />the more than 100 "council policies" in the Council Policy Manual sometime <br />during the first quarter of each calendar year. These policies instruct the Council <br />and City staff on how to process a variety of different issues -- from airport and <br />annexations to voice mail and water service outside the City limits. <br />This year, the policies proposed for change are: <br />A -2 - Board and Commission Appointments <br />A-4 - Community Service Recognition Awards <br />A -6 - Open Meeting Policies <br />Newport Beach City Council <br />