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Parking (and more) in the Balboa Village. After many moons of work, the Balboa Village Advisory Committee's <br />recommendations relating to parking management and parking permits for residents come to the City Council for a <br />public hearing. If you've followed this issue, you know a lot about it. If not, the concepts include establishing a zone <br />for resident -only parking (with permits), to establish a better process for local businesses' employee parking, to <br />consider parking in the area to be more of a collective resource versus a business -by- business requirement, to put in <br />place a parking benefit district whereby funds for parking are used for business and infrastructure benefit in the <br />Village, and more. Please take some time to read the staff report here - <br />http: / /novusagendapubl ic. newportbeachca .gov /CoverSheet.aspx ?Item I D= 4349 &Meeti ngl D =187 <br />Residents of Linda Isle have appealed an environmental report (called a Mitigated Negative Declaration) to the <br />Council for a public hearing. The project addressed by the MND is the proposed Balboa Marina project, which <br />would be located roughly where the Ruben E Lee paddlewheeler used to be. Approval of the MIND is necessary <br />before the project continues forward. The Planning Commission had approved it previously. <br />Also on the Balboa Peninsula, ExplorOcean's operators have approached the City with a proposal to enter into an <br />option to lease the City's "Palm Street" parking lot. That's the lot where the old Balboa Market used to <br />be. ExplorOcean is interested in securing additional parking (above and beyond the existing private and public <br />parking) in the area for ExplorOcean's planned facility. The facility, however, still needs to be funded and go through <br />the formal approval and environmental review process. ExplorOcean hopes to someday place a parking structure <br />over the Palm Street Lot. Anyway, this Option to Lease could only transition into a Lease should funding and <br />approvals be in place for the larger ExplorOcean facility. All but about 55 spaces in the new structure and lot would <br />be public parking, including for ExplorOcean. The Option does not bind the City one way or another on the new <br />facility or the planned EIR. <br />For folks on Balboa Island and especially Little Island, this agenda includes a MIND (you know what that is now (ZD) <br />and design approval for the replacement of the Park Avenue Bridge that links the two islands over Grand <br />Canal. How can you safely replace the one bridge to Little Island while keeping access for those residents and for <br />City services? With a temporary bridge over Balboa Avenue. This is a federally- funded project overall, as the Park <br />Avenue bridge is "functionally obsolete." Hmm. Sometimes I feel like that. Like wondering what the heck two <br />people were talking about when they were comparing notes over how to "get followers." <br />Thank goodness the stretch of San Joaquin Hills Road between Marguerite and Spyglass will be re -done as a part of <br />a big street overlay project ($1.2M worth) that's also on this agenda. Other streets are in there, too, but this is a <br />section that nearly knocks your teeth out. Orange County's Measure M2 (the sales tax increase for transportation) <br />covers the lion's share of this project's cost. <br />Paying down the unfunded pension liability faster. This is called a "fresh start," and the City Council has done it <br />once before — back in April 2013. It means that instead of rolling the unfunded pension liability forward too far into <br />the future, you work with Cal -PERS to accelerate the payments, paying more earlier (especially in the first 5 <br />years). In April 2013, the estimate of savings for the first fresh start over 30 years was $113 million (that set an <br />amortization period for our Public Safety pension plan of 25 years, among other things). This time, the amortization <br />period would shrink to 19 years, costing about $23 million over five years but saving $129 million over 30 years. As I <br />write this, I need to note that pension liabilities are not like a fixed mortgage —the liability can move up or down <br />depending on factors not entirely within our control, like investment rate of return, when people actually retire, and <br />changes in how long our retirees live. The staff report on this is worth reading, as are the charts at the back. If you <br />have follow up questions, don't hesitate to ask me or our Finance Director, Dan M. <br />Finally, contracts with me, the City Attorney, and the City Clerk. The City Charter sets forth that the City Council <br />hires just three employees — me, the City Attorney (Aaron Harp), and the City Clerk (Leilani Brown). We are all "at <br />will" employees outside of the civil service system. Typically once a year the Council evaluates each of us based on <br />goals that they set for us. If the Council chooses, they can give us a salary adjustment (up or down, I assume — but if <br />it's down then they probably should be telling us to hit the road) based on that performance. Our salary ranges are <br />set based on what our positions are paid (in total compensation — including benefits) in cities roughly similar to <br />Newport Beach. Each of us will move to paying about 12.35% of our salaries towards our positions' pension costs by <br />mid -2015 (overall, City employees will pay more than $7 million towards pensions in FY 14 -15). <br />Some additional notes: <br />