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CITY OF <br />F NEWPORT REACH <br />City Council Staff Report <br />November 25, 2014 <br />Agenda Item No. 14 <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />FROM: David A. Webb, Public Works Director- (949) 644 -3330, <br />dawebb <br />PREPARED BY: Bob Stein, Assistant City Engineer <br />PHONE: (949) 644 -3322 <br />TITLE: Contract with the New Irvine Ranch Conservancy for Preparation of a Resource and <br />Recreation Management Plan (RRMP) for Big Canyon Restoration Area <br />ABSTRACT: <br />A formal restoration planning document for Big Canyon is desired in order to guide policy and <br />management decisions for proposed extensive restoration efforts in the canyon. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Approve a Professional Services Agreement with the New Irvine Ranch Conservancy at a not -to- exceed <br />price of $169,060.00 for the preparation of a RRMP for Big Canyon and authorize the City Manager and <br />City Clerk to execute the Agreement with the New Irvine Ranch Conservancy once the intended <br />contribution funding is secured and made available from a settlement agreement between the Irvine <br />Company and Defend the Bay, Inc. <br />FUNDING REQUIREMENTS: <br />Funding of this plan is listed in the current adopted FY 2014/15 CIP budget as a contribution (7251 - <br />05002004). Adequate funding will be available for this agreement upon receipt of the anticipated <br />settlement contribution. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />The New Irvine Ranch Conservancy (IRC) is a non - governmental organization that manages parklands <br />and open space areas for the County of Orange, City of Irvine and City of Newport Beach. IRC has a <br />professional staff of land managers, scientists and public program experts and has managed Upper Buck <br />Gully for the City since 2009. <br />14 -1 <br />