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Ordinance No. 2014 -20 <br />Page 3 of 7 <br />ii. Residential uses: Residential uses shall provide parking in accordance with <br />Chapters 20.40 (Off- Street Parking) and 20.38 (Nonconforming Uses and <br />Structures). <br />iii. Existing off - street parking spaces shall be preserved unless the elimination of <br />spaces is authorized by the approval of a Site Development Review application <br />by the Zoning Administrator. <br />iv. Shared parking for non - residential uses. Notwithstanding the Zoning Code <br />requirement that off - street parking be reserved for the use it serves, the shared <br />use of parking is allowed and encouraged. Shared parking shall be subject to the <br />following requirements: <br />(A) Required off - street parking. When required, parking for non - residential uses <br />may be satisfied by leasing nearby parking spaces at off -site locations within <br />1,250 feet of the parcel it serves. Development on multiple parcels with <br />reciprocal access agreements is considered one site for parking purposes. If <br />the spaces are required or otherwise leased to other uses, the hours of <br />operation shall not significantly overlap. The distance between the parking <br />facility and the use it serves shall be measured along public walkways from <br />the closest portion of the parking facility to the main entrance of the use. The <br />leasing of off -site parking to satisfy required parking shall be maintained in <br />perpetuity when the use requires it and may only be discontinued if the use is <br />discontinued. <br />(B) Excess parking. Parking that is not necessary to satisfy off - street parking <br />requirements may be leased to other uses or made available to the general <br />public. <br />(C)Parking within Mixed -use Buildings. Parking for different uses within a new, <br />mixed -use building may be shared subject to the review and approval of a Site <br />Development Review application. <br />(D)The reduction of required parking associated with a shared parking <br />arrangement shall be subject to the review and approval of the Director when <br />in compliance with the following conditions: <br />(1) Shared parking spaces are within 1,250 feet as described in Section <br />20.28.030. D.5.d.1; <br />(2) There is no significant overlap in the hours of operation or peak parking <br />demand of the uses sharing the parking; <br />(3) The use of the shared parking facility will not create traffic hazards or <br />impacts to surrounding uses; <br />(4) The property owners involved in the shared parking facilities provide a <br />binding agreement or other legal instrument assuring the joint use of the <br />parking facilities subject to the satisfaction of the Director; <br />(5) The Director may require the preparation and implementation of a parking <br />management program to address potential parking conflicts. <br />