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City of Newport Beach <br />Study Session and Regular Meeting <br />November 25, 2014 <br />value of arts and culture to the community, objectives, economic impact, recommendations, and <br />next steps. <br />Council Member Petros reported that Council has acted to set aside a small amount of <br />development fees for the arts and that some believe it is not appropriate for government to get <br />involved in funding the arts. Mr. Stein reported that the greatest cities in the country believe in <br />the importance of investing in arts infrastructure and programs. He added that government <br />support stimulates more private- sector support and that private matching funds are often <br />required in order to receive grants. He commented on the report which indicates that the City is <br />on the right track and has been since it incorporated arts into its General Plan. <br />In response to Council Member Gardner's question on the interview process, Mr. Stein stated <br />that his organization interviewed people representing a variety of community sectors, including <br />homeowner associations, businesses, and the art community. He reported that invitations were <br />sent to 39,000 households inviting their input. <br />Council Member Petros commented on the word "retreat" and suggested using a different term <br />such as "open house" to portray the City's desire for community input. <br />Discussion followed regarding the public's response to the existing programming. <br />In response to Mayor Pro Tem Selich's question, Pat Wayne, Deputy Director of Arts Orange <br />County, discussed the design review process. <br />Mayor Hill noted that the concept of "success begets success" is evident in projects such as the <br />OASIS Senior Center and the Civic Center. He commented on success building an image of good <br />design rather than adding regulations. <br />Council Member Henn added that having a design review function is appropriate and suggested <br />considering creating a City policy that encourages the consideration of opportunities for public <br />art in terms of new construction. <br />Ms. Wayne pointed out that any plan can be improved upon and that the plan should serve as a <br />road map where adjustments can be made. <br />In response to Mayor Hill's question, Mr. Stein addressed the community outreach and input <br />process. <br />Council Member Curry commented on the amount of money the City is spending on a per capita <br />basis on arts, noting that the City is getting a good value. He referenced Concerts on the Green <br />and stated that, whether they are supported or not, the Arts Master Plan is not the governing <br />document that determines whether the City should have art, but rather City policy is. <br />Council Member Gardner stated that Concerts on the Green have been very successful, but noted <br />issues with private parties at the Civic Center. She encouraged the City to pursue purchasing <br />the Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA) property since there is no place in the City to display <br />paintings. <br />Council Member Henn reported that this is a "plan to plan" and many aspects of the <br />recommendations still need to be articulated before it can become action. Further, the plan <br />needs a governance structure to drive completion of the recommendations and a governance that <br />has the weight of Council Members who are committed to moving the plan forward and setting <br />goals for funding. He expressed support for the creation of a staff position to support these <br />Volume 62 - Page 112 <br />