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RESOLUTION NO. H02015-001 <br /> A RESOLUTION OF THE HEARING OFFICER OF THE CITY OF <br /> NEWPORT BEACH APPROVING AN ABATEMENT PERIOD <br /> EXTENSION FOR THE PROPERTY LOCATED AT 1499 <br /> MONROVIA AVENUE (PA2014-191) <br /> THE HEARING OFFICER OF THE CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH HEREBY FINDS AS <br /> FOLLOWS: <br /> WHEREAS, Chapter 20.38.100 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code (NBMC) requires <br /> nonconforming nonresidential uses in residential zoning districts to be abated and terminated <br /> upon a specified period of time unless that period of time is extended by a resolution from the <br /> Hearing Officer after a noticed public hearing to allow the property owner to amortize the <br /> owner's investment in the nonconforming property or to avoid an unconstitutional taking of <br /> property; and <br /> WHEREAS, an application was filed by Kobe Inc., with respect to property located at 1499 <br /> Monrovia Avenue, and legally described as Parcel 2 of Lot Line Adjustment No. 2007-002, in <br /> the City of Newport Beach, County of Orange, State of California, recorded October 4, 2007, as <br /> Instrument No. 2007-598931, excepting therefrom the northerly 60 feet, being more particularly <br /> described as that portion of 15th Street (60 feet wide), vacated and abandoned by Resolution <br /> No. 67-863 of the Board of Supervisors of Orange County, California, a certified copy of which <br /> was recorded August 11, 1967 in Book 8339, Page 801, of Official Records of said Orange <br /> County. The applicant requests approval of an abatement period extension of 10 years in <br /> addition to a previous extension until February 1, 2022. The subject property is located within <br /> the RM (Multi-Unit Residential) Zoning District and the General Plan Land Use Element <br /> category is RM (Multiple-Unit Residential). The subject property is not located within the coastal <br /> zone. <br /> WHEREAS, the applicant proposes an extension of the required abatement period specified <br /> by Section 20.38.100 (Abatement Periods) of the Newport Beach Municipal Code as <br /> previously extended as noted above. The property is now, and at all times since 1957 has <br /> been; improved with an approximately 17,000 square-foot office building. The applicant <br /> proposes to reinvest in the existing building through interior and exterior modifications and <br /> improvements. The applicant requests to allow the existing nonresidential use to continue to <br /> February 1, 2032, without abatement; and <br /> WHEREAS, a properly noticed public hearing was held on January 8, 2015, in a meeting <br /> room of the Newport Beach City Hall facility located at 100 Civic Center Drive, Newport <br /> Beach, CA. Evidence, both written and oral, including a written staff report was presented <br /> and considered by the Hearing Officer, William B. Conners; and <br /> WHEREAS, the findings and considerations required to be considered by the Hearing Officer <br /> pursuant to NBMC Section 20.38.100.C.4.c. together with facts and information in support of <br /> such findings are set forth following: <br />