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The Newport Beach Civic Center <br /> Close-Out Report and Lessons Learned <br /> January 13, 2015 <br /> Study Session of the Newport Beach City Council <br /> by Dave Kiff, City Manager, and Steve Badum,Assistant City Manager <br /> Dear City Council and Other Readers: <br /> As far back as April 1998, then-City Manager Kevin Murphy asked the community and City Council to begin <br /> planning for the long-term facilities needs of the city government (see Exhibit A). A case in point at that time <br /> was the City Hall building, constructed in 1947 and then 50 years old. <br /> Our report today attempts to summarize many — but not all — of the actions taken by public leaders since that <br /> time, actions that have resulted in the construction of the Civic Center at 100 Civic Center Drive, built at an "all- <br /> in" cost of about $140.2 million, if costs (hard construction costs, soft costs, planning costs, environmental <br /> review costs, insurance and inspections, and more)from mid-2008 through 2013 are taken into account. <br /> We both helped coordinate this project, and we are proud of how it came out. It was not a perfect process, <br /> from outreach to construction, but projects this large rarely are. When completed, it: <br /> • Was the result of over 100 public meetings and Council actions, as well as a public vote on Measure B, <br /> the action that in effect moved City Hall's operations from the Peninsula to the current site. <br /> • Was communicated to our residents via meetings with service clubs, HOAs, business associations, and <br /> mailed community newsletters 13 different times between 2008 and 2013, newsletters that went to <br /> every residence and business in the City(about 54,000 separate addresses). <br /> • Took advantage of a large downturn in the economy to build five needed different projects in one, <br /> saving millions had the five been built separately. These projects were: <br /> o An expansion of the Central Library <br /> o A City Hall, with a community room, Council chambers, a "one-stop' permit counter and <br /> disaster preparedness center. <br /> o A 15-acre park, including a Civic Green, a dog park, and new landscaping around the Library. <br /> o A pedestrian bridge to easily link two sides of the park. <br /> o A 450-space parking structure, 100 of which are for the Library. <br /> • Took over four years—from planning to completion—to build and occupy. <br /> • Was privately managed by a well-known construction manager (CW Driver), and had all elements of <br /> construction go out to public bid,where the lowest qualified bidder got the job. <br /> • Excavated 200,000 cubic yards of material, all to sink the buildings below a view plane, and comprising <br /> about$8 million of the cost. <br /> • Had over 700 change orders, most small in magnitude, but resulting in 6.1% of the total project cost <br /> (about in line with industry norms). <br /> • Caused significant debate in the community thanks to its cost, some of its design (like the wave roof and <br /> the sail), and aspects like the play elements for kids (the rabbits) and the cafe for Library users. <br /> • Was funded by a combination of debt (about $124M) and cash (the remaining $18.5M), which was the <br /> largest debt issuance by the City. Debt service is about 4.72%of General Fund revenues, and is declining <br /> slowly. <br />