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�.� \ • <br />� <br />City Council Staff Report <br />Agenda Item No. --k— <br />August 14, 2012 <br />TO: HONORABLE MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />FRONT: Public Works Department <br />Stephen G. Badum, Public Works Director <br />949 - 644 -3311, sbadum <br />PREPARED BY: Robert Stein, rstein <br />APPROVED:C <br />u <br />TITLE: Approval of Professional Services Agreement with URS Corporation <br />for the Seawall Design and Entitlement for Balboa Island and Little <br />Balboa Island <br />ABSTRACT: <br />Aging seawalls around Balboa Island and Little Balboa Islands (Balboa Islands) are <br />reaching the end of their structural life and will need replacement in the near future. <br />Staff recommends approval of a 3 -year, multi -phase Professional Services Agreement <br />with URS Corporation to prepare concept drawings, environmental documents, permit <br />applications and construction documents for the seawall project. <br />RECOMMENDATIONS: <br />1. Approve budget amendment No. 13BA appropriating $377,417 from the <br />unappropriated Tidelands Fund balance to Project Account No. 7241- C4402007. <br />2. Approve a Professional Services Agreement with URS Corporation (URS) of <br />Long Beach, California at a cost not to exceed $1,326,604.00 and authorize the <br />Mayor and City Clerk to execute the Agreement. During the first fiscal year of the <br />contract, the consultant's tasks will be limited such that expenditures will not <br />exceed $877,417. Next fiscal year, staff expects to request additional funding of <br />approximately $449,187 to fund the remaining contract tasks. <br />FUNDING REQUIREMENTS: <br />The Budget Amendment records and appropriates $377,417 in increased expenditure <br />appropriations from Tidelands unappropriated fund balance. This will provide a balance <br />of $877,417 in Project Account No. 7241- C4402007 which is sufficient to fund the first <br />